The SUV was a lot higher off the ground than any of the other vehicles around them, Gil noted with interest. And the traffic looked like it wasn’t going to go anywhere, any time soon. Nick slouched in the passenger’s side, huffed a sigh, then pulled out his cell phone, dialing it. Gil watched out of the corner of his eye as Nick squirmed uncomfortably and smirked. It was his fault that Nick was having trouble sitting down today and he loved that fact.

“Yeah Catherine, can you tell what’s up on I-10? It’s a parking lot,” Nick complained. There was a long silence before Nick groaned and demanded, “How long? Really? Damn. Okay. I guess Gris and I’re going to be late then. Thanks. Heh. Yeah. I’ll tell him.”

“Tell me what?” Gil questioned, canting his head towards Nick.

Nick grinned. “To work on your suntan. We’re going to be here a while before they clear up the accident at the exit ramp. Probably another hour. There were three cars involved and one of them exploded.”

Concern rose and Gil asked, “Fatalities?”

Grimacing, Nick answered, “She didn’t say. I can call back.”

Gil shook his head and countered, “No, that’s okay. She would’ve said if she knew.”

Nodding, Nick slouched back in his seat, looking out the window at the desert beside the road. Gil watched him for a long moment, then inched the SUV forward half a foot to where it was just behind the car and set the brake. Glancing sidelong at Nick, he ordered softly, “Suck me.”

Nick froze, then looked over at him incredulously. “Here!?”

“Right here, right now,” Gil confirmed, meeting the wide-eyed stare.

Swallowing, Nick whispered, “But…the other cars…”

“Aren’t going to see a thing, and I don’t give a damn if they do. I want your mouth on my cock right now.”

A visible shudder ran through Nick as he nodded and unbuckled his seat belt. He moved closer and unzipped Gil, rubbing him through the boxers. Gil shivered lightly as he started hardening under the loving touch. Nick bent over and sucked him through the fabric and Gil groaned, his legs splaying apart as he shifted lower in the seat.

Nick took Gil’s cock out and started sucking on it, slow and light, running his fingers between Gil’s legs. Gil let him play like that for several minutes, knowing how Nick liked to draw it out and how he liked to have Gil’s cock in him, mouth or ass didn’t seem to matter. And of course, both were perfectly fine by Gil.

Seeing that the car in front of them had actually moved a few feet forward, Gil undid the brake and shifted the SUV forward, again parking it just behind the car. Nick chose that moment to deep throat him and Gil shouted in response, his hips snapping up to push his cock further down his lover’s throat.

The sensations were just as incredible as they were every other time. Gil knew how lucky he was to have someone so in tune with his, well, kinks for a better word. Nick took everything Gil dished out and usually begged for more. And in this case, Gil knew he wasn’t going to last long, so he ordered, “On your side, pull out your cock.”

Nick complied eagerly and within moments, Gil had his hand wrapped around Nick’s hard, leaking shaft. He stroked Nick with one hand and laced his other through the short, thick hair. He held Nick’s head down on him for long moments, trapping his lover through superior angles. When he let Nick up, the young man gasped for breath before going back down.

It was a whirlwind of up and down and Gil thrust into Nick’s throat as hard and fast as he could. His hand squeezed painfully tight on Nick’s cock and the whimpering of pained pleasure drove him towards the edge. Finally, he released Nick and grabbed his lover’s head in both hands, holding him down as Gil came, spilling deep into him. Nick swallowed convulsively, struggling weakly, but Gil didn’t let go until he was completely done, shuddering violently with the force of his release.

Nick drew off him, gasping and choking for breath. Gil would have been concerned, except for the fact that Nick had also come, spurting on himself and the floor. Grinning lazily, Gil noticed that traffic had moved again and put the car in drive. Nick stayed where he was, sacked out on Gil’s thigh, even after his breathing had evened-out.

Petting him gently, Gil asked, “You okay?”

Mmm…any better and they’d have to scrape me out of here,” Nick replied sleepily.

Gil chuckled and said, “Get some sleep. I think I’ve been working you too hard and we’re going to be here a while.”

Warm lips kissed his bared lower abdomen before Nick sighed deeply and closed his eyes. Gil smiled down at him and settled in for the wait.