Nick stumbled as Gil pushed him into the interrogation room, landing against the table as his lover closed the door. “What the hell, man?”

Gil smirked as he leaned against the door and ordered, “Push your pants down.”

Heat flared through Nick, but he protested, “Here? Are you nuts? Anyone can walk in!”

“Now, Nicky.”

And there was no way he couldn’t not obey that tone. Hands shaking with a combination of lust and fear of being caught, Nick unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, pushing them down past his hips.

“Boxers too.”

Swallowing heavily, Nick pushed those down as well.

“Now bend over the table.”

Feeling completely exposed, Nick obeyed and bent face down on the table. It was only a few seconds after that Gil was behind him, hands roughly massaging his bare ass. He was so hard it hurt, partially because he’d gotten so hard, so fast, but also because the table’s edge was pushing into his cock. Gil fixed that by rearranging him and Nick yelped in surprise when his lover’s mouth sucked as his asshole.

Gil sucked and licked at his hole and then pushed his tongue inside, wriggling it around. Moaning against his arm to stifle the sound, Nick tried to spread his legs, but they were bound by his pants. He heard the sound of Gil’s zipper being lowered and then felt the large, rounded tip of it replace Gil’s mouth at his hole. It pushed in slow and steady, without pause, and Nick gasped at the rapid filling. It hurt, but it felt so fucking good, too.

Then Gil was buried balls deep in him and nuzzling at his throat. “So perfect, Nicky, so hot and tight. You’re such a slut that I can always count on you to bend over anywhere for me. I’m going to do you everywhere.”

“Oh God,” Nick gasped as Gil started moving.

The thrusts were short but hard, digging into his body as Gil humped into him with force. Nick’s hands clenched the edge of the table and his mouth was against his arm to muffle the noises trying to escape as he was used for Gil’s pleasure. Gil grunted softly above him, heavier body weight pinning Nick to the table as he fucked him.

“Such a slut, you’re my bitch, Nicky, mine, oh God, perfect little hole,” Gil muttered in his ear, biting it sharply.

Nick moaned at the words, his own orgasm approaching fast. It slammed into him when Gil rammed him extra hard and deep. He came all over the floor, spilling hard enough for his vision to tinge gray. And then Gil jack-hammered into him repeatedly and exploded inside him on the final lunge, their hips sealed together as he did.

Panting, Nick didn’t even try to move, lazy satisfaction keeping him where he was, despite the uncomfortable table.

Gil pulled slowly out of him but ordered, “Don’t move yet.”

Though he was puzzled, Nick stayed where he was. A moment later, someone hard and blunt pushed into his ass and he exclaimed, “What the hell?”

Twisting around, Nick found that Gil was pushing a butt plug into him and moaned when it popped into place.

With a faint smile of satisfaction, Gil announced, “I want you ready and lubed at any time Nicky. You’ll wear this until I say otherwise.”

Nick stood, squirming as the plug moved inside him, but didn’t protest. He just pulled his boxers and pants up and put himself back to order. When he was done, Gil pulled him close and kissed him deeply.

Pulling back, Gil murmured with heat, “Bitch in heat, Nicky, that’s what you are.”

Smirking a little, Nick replied, “Well, you’re always in rut, so I guess we’re a good match.”

That earned him a heavy-handed slap across the ass, but he grinned as he walked to the door. Life just got even more interesting.

* * * *

Breathing heavy, Warrick groaned at the added slap to Nick’s ass and looked around for something to clean him up. God damn, those two were fucking hot together. Something he’d never have thought in a million years together.

He was definitely going to have to follow Grissom more often.