“You’re insane, you know that?” Nick gasped, his head falling back against the wall.

Gil smirked against the bare skin and protested, “The blinds are drawn.”

“In the middle of the fucking day?”

“What’s your point?”

Nick moaned when strong fingers grabbed his cock through his jeans and splayed his legs apart. He’d been hungry for this for days. They’d been opposite schedules for almost the whole week, thanks to a flu bug decimating the day shift. And now it seemed like Gil was tired of waiting.

Short work was made of his jeans while Gil sucked on his collarbone and kissed his way down Nick’s exposed chest. He hissed in frustrated lust when Gil gripped his cock only to hold it too tight, pulling him down from the ledge of pleasure he’d been on. “Damn it!”

A warm, wicked chuckled echoed through the air. “Patience, Nick, isn’t that what I’m always telling you?”

“Fuck patience!” Nick exclaimed. “Better yet, just fuck me, will you?”

“Well, when you put it like that.”

Nick was spun in place and almost immediately, Gil’s thick, long cock was at his hole, shoving inside. He moaned again and pushed back against it, loving the forceful burn. Then Gil was seated against him, balls hanging heavy beneath Nick’s ass and biting and sucking at his shoulder and throat.

Moving slow, Gil began the torture with deliberate thrusts. He forgot how strong Gil was with the suits and casual clothes that the older man wore. It wasn’t the strength that came from a gym and seemed all the more powerful for it. The muscles that Nick felt against his back, the hands on his thighs, all of it swirled around him in an erotic dance.

“Been too long, Nicky, too long. Love being buried inside you, love taking you and I could do it all afternoon you know. Cleared my schedule. I could keep you just like this, panting over the desk and leaning on it for strength, for hours. I could come in you and then just start right back up again, because you’re so tight around me, so hot and tight, just like when I took you for the first time. Took your virginity and made you bleed for love, didn’t I?”

“Yes, yes,” Nick agreed, nodding emphatically as Gil continued to plow inside him. He knew it was all true. The man had the stamina of a bull and was hung just about as big. “Please, Gil, please.”

“What, Nicky? What do you need?”

“You, just you.”

“You have me.”

The thrusts grew more forceful at that, as if proving the words true. Nick had to brace himself on the desk, unable to even push back, Gil was moving so fiercely. His cock was hard and leaking against the astonishing cold of the glass, smearing it. He needed to come so bad that it hurt, but he couldn’t, couldn’t until Gil gave him permission. He groaned on a particularly brutal thrust where Gil seemed trying to climb inside him by sheer force of will and thought, I’m worse than fucking Pavlov’s dog!

“So good, so good, oh Nicky, Nicky,” Gil whispered hotly into his ear. “Almost there, just a little longer, Nicky.”

Gil fucking him was one of the best things in the world. Nick didn’t even care sometimes if he got off, so long as he pleased his lover. They could be in bed for an entire day and Gil could have come in him five times already and Nick would beg for more. Just like now. If Gil made good his ‘threat’ of an all-afternoon fucking, Nick would give in despite their location. He just needed Gil too damn much, any time, any place. It didn’t matter so long as he had Gil and Gil had him.

“God, God, oh please, please Gil, let me come, please let me come,” Nick begged, knowing how much it turned Gil on to hear him like that.


Nick nearly hissed in triumph at the curse-word. It wasn’t until Gil was almost ready to spill that he lost control of his verbal abilities. As it was, he just bent flush against the desk, letting Gil get all the purchase he needed. Sure enough, only a few seconds later, Gil was on top of him, chest hair scratching his back and humping into him savagely, his cock battering Nick’s insides, bruising him from the inside out. Nick moaned nonstop, unable to do more that just take it and hope that Gil let him come soon.

“Do it, come for me Nicky, come!”

This last was ordered just as the hot seed spilled deep inside him. He bit his arm to keep from screaming as he came, his cock trapped between his body and the glass. Shuddering and shivering, Nick’s vision tinged dark as Gil continued to move lazily inside him, cock only barely softened.

Limp with orgasm, Nick didn’t even try to move. The second time was usually just for Gil, especially if they hadn’t been together in a few days. For whatever reason, it was almost like their ages were reversed. Not only could Gil keep it up longer, but he could get it up faster. He claimed it was something to do with Buddhist breathing techniques and Nick didn’t dare risk a lecture to ask more about it.

Gil began to move with more intent, thrusting in and out of Nick’s body with ease, now that he’d been loosened and had the lubricant of Gil’s come inside.

A knock at the door froze them both and then, unbelievably, Gil called out in a perfectly normal voice, “Yes?”

Brass’ voice called through the door, “Gil? We have to talk.”

Nick couldn’t help it; he started laughing, though he muffled it in his hand.

Pinching Nick’s ass reprovingly in warning, Gil replied, “I’m right in the middle of something, Jim. Can I call you when I’m finished?”

At that, Nick had to stifle howls of laughter against his arm.

There was a pause, then Jim answered back, “Sure. I’ll grab a cup of coffee.”


Gil started fucking Nick instantly, even before Nick was sure that Jim had walked away, but thoughts of the cop were banished under the physical onslaught. He bit his arm again as his prostate was slammed each and every time. He whimpered and moaned loudly, despite the makeshift gag, but Gil was ruthless with them both, reaching under to jack Nick off.

It was over in less than a minute, as Gil intended, when the older man bit Nick’s ear and hissed, “Come now, Nicky!”

Nick’s heart stopped as his dick tried to spill more seed that just wasn’t there. Gasping, he shuddered on the hard cock that was still moving inside him and then his lover stilled, spurtingg even more come into the overflowing hole. Collapsed onto the desk, Nick stayed put while Gil withdrew and then efficiently cleaned him up and dressed him.

“Come on, Nicky, time to get moving,” Gil ordered gently.

Nick chuckled weakly. “Can’t. You’ve killed me.”

A sharp slap to the ass did actually get him moving, and a long, deep kiss perked him up enough to ask, “What about the smell?”

Gil smirked and answered, “Jim can’t smell. Too many years of PD coffee. Besides, what’s he going to do, report me?”

Shaking his head, Nick wagged a finger at his lover and said, “You are so fucking arrogant.”

“And it turns you on.”

“And it turns me on.”

With a laugh, Nick walked a few paces and groaned. “Yeah. You definitely killed me. Damn good thing I’m going home now.”

“I’ll be there when I’m done with the paperwork.”

“I’ve heard that before,” Nick teased.

That earned him another slap which he just couldn’t move fast enough to avoid, thanks to the serious pain in his ass. But he was whistling smugly as he passed a suspicious looking Jim in the hall on his way out of the office.