Gil jumped at the press of a hand on his crotch from below the desk. He froze, then shifted his foot and, sure enough, encountered a body under there. He swallowed heavily as the hand rubbed him and looked out at the students who were taking their seats. He was going to kill Nick.


It had better be Nick under there.

He dropped a pen onto the floor, then bent down to pick it up and looked under the desk as he did so. Nick grinned broadly at him, despite the cramped quarters he occupied. He hissed softly, “You’re dead meat, Nicky.”

“Mr. Grissom?”

Gil jerked upright and banged his head on the desk before moving upright to find an earnest young man staring at him that reminded him disturbingly of Greg just then. Disturbingly, because Nick’s hand had returned to his cock and was rubbing it into hardness. Gathering his fast-wandering thoughts, Gil replied, “Yes?”

“I was wondering if I could talk to you after class about some trouble I’ve been having,” the young man asked.

Was it just his imagination, or did his zipper being lowered sound abnormally loud?

“Ah, I’m sorry, but I have to leave directly after class.”

“Oh. Well, next time?”

Gil nodded, struggling not to push into the hand on him and answered, “Yes. Sure. That’s fine.”

Thankfully, the student returned to his seat and opened his book to study. And thank God that Nick hadn’t shown up before break when he’d had to lecture. That would teach him to condition Nick to enjoy his particular kink of public sex. Or give him his new teaching schedule.

When Nick’s mouth surrounded his cock, Gil did jerk upright, bumping his knee and making a loud enough noise to attract attention. He smiled weakly and made a show of bending over a book. The wet suction on him was nearly inaudible, even to Gil’s new lease on hearing, but seemed obscene in their current settings.

He coughed instead of moaning when fingers played with his balls. His fingers clutched the book desperately as he tried not to move. He could feel the heat in his face and didn’t dare look up at anyone, just in case they figured it out. They were young, after all, not stupid.

Then Nick went all the way down on him, something that he’d only recently learned because of a night that Gil had spent mercilessly fucking his throat over and over. And now the novice skill level was being used to make him come and Gil couldn’t roar with the orgasm that sizzled along the base of his spine. He had to be absolutely silent as his cock exploded and his seed spilled down Nick’s throat. He gasped, shivering, and his hips did jerk a few times, unable not to move.

It took a few minutes for his heart to stop pounding so heavy in his chest and, while that happened, Nick licked him clean and tenderly put his cock away. A wicked smile surfaced on Gil’s face and he leaned back, putting one hand under the desk.

Nick instantly started sucking on two of the fingers, a promise for later.