Somehow, it always started out against the wall. Matt would walk into the apartment and seconds later, John would just…pounce and Matt found himself against the wall or the door or, sometimes, the bookcase. That last was pretty uncomfortable, so he tried to go left whenever John went right. Didn’t always work, but he tried. Or, if he was already there when John got home, he wound up against a wall on the way to the bedroom.

Most of the time it was rough and hot and totally encompassing, the way that John fucked him. Even after six months, they were still completely gone over each other physically and, thanks to Matt’s relative inexperience, new things kept surprising the hell out of him. Like that time when John showed him what it felt like to have a cock ring on and not be allowed to come for hours. That had been Labor Day weekend. There’d also been nipple clamps and an introduction to the more unusual uses of ice cubes.

He’d gone to work on Tuesday just to recuperate.

And now, when it was bitter cold outside their smallish, warm apartment, Matt found himself once more against the wall because they couldn’t wait. It was one of the rarer, slow and sweet times where John seemed to want to eat him alive. Matt was pretty sure that those times coincided with really bad days on The Job; he heard the words capitalized in his head when John said them. It didn’t happen as often, but often enough to make him feel like they had more than sex together. Of course, hanging out on the sofa rooting for opposing teams, arguing over the legitimacy of the news, and spending Sunday mornings in bed with the funnies for him and news pages for John helped, too.

“Oh, God!” Matt moaned, his new personal mantra since meeting John.

John chuckled around his cock and the vibrations almost made him come on the spot. But then the other man released him and stood up to kiss him, slow and wet and deep, giving Matt the taste of himself. Not something he was terribly fond of, but he’d do a lot more than that to make John happy and turned on.

Pulling back, John murmured, “How about we move this to the bedroom?”

Matt panted a bit and then gasped, “Christ, I thought you’d never ask!”

That toothy, somewhat evil grin surfaced on John’s face and Matt knew that he was in for a long ride.

Not that that was a bad thing, really.

He was flat on his back on the bed in short order with John straddled over him on his hands and knees. John unbuttoned his shirt and then rubbed his hands over Matt’s bared chest, tweaking each nipple in turn and then in concert, wringing a groan from him. He arched up for more and got it as John bent close enough to suck and bite on one while his hand tormented the other.


Matt obeyed instantly and then the shirt was gone, thrown aside so John could get rid of his pants. He’d been out in the field that day to take care of a server problem at the NYU campus so he had on actual slacks, which always seemed to get John extra hot for some reason. Like maybe Matt looking all respectable was a kinky costume of some kind.

John unbuckled the belt and slid it out slowly, the whisper of leather through the fabric sending a shudder of arousal through Matt. A knowing smirk surfaced and John asked, “Liked that, huh?”

Licking his lips, Matt answered honestly, “I like everything you do.”

“Jesus, Matty, the things you say sometimes,” John countered.

Matt was a little uncertain as he asked, “Should I, is it okay?”

John nodded raggedly and leaned in to take his mouth in a hungry kiss, teeth clicking against Matt’s in an effort to get as much as he could. Strong hands shoved his pants down and then reached under to grip Matt’s ass, pulling him in tight against John’s still-clothed body. Wrapping an arm around his lover’s shoulder, he kissed back, licking along John’s palate. He moaned in disappointment when John released him, letting him fall back onto the bed and stepping off altogether.

Matt watched John undress, the movement gratifyingly efficient. It always killed him to know just how much the other man wanted him. He had no idea how long this would last, but he planned to be right where he was for as long as possible. He wanted McClane more than he’d wanted anything in his life and if that meant a legit, nine-to-five job and filing taxes, then that was exactly what he’d do.

Damn it.

John was back on him in less than thirty seconds, clothes left where they’d dropped on the floor. Matt sighed happily as the bigger man lay on him, pressing him down into the mattress. The sheer weight and solidity of his lover’s body never fails to thrill him. Matt’s legs part, giving John the room he wants and needs to move against him. His hands roam over the muscled, scarred body that had been the only thing between him and death several times not even a year ago.

Some might think him with McClane out of gratitude, but Matt knew better. The irritation of living with a man who thinks he’s always right and never picked up after himself, or did the dishes even with a dishwasher, far outweighed the lingering gratitude. No, Matt was sure that this was true love. Or as close to it as he was likely to get, anyhow.

John’s mouth kissed and bit its way down Matt’s throat and again tormented one of his nipples, this time with slow sucking. Matt moaned and shivered at the crazy sensation, his fingers digging into John’s back to bring him impossibly closer. He felt the wet trail of his lover’s cock against his thigh and shifted restlessly, wanting it inside him but knowing McClane never moved at anyone’s pace, but his own.

His eyes closed in pleasure when slick fingers rubbed against his hole and then pushed inside. It was a bit like magic, though Matt knew it was really sleight of hand, how John managed to get the lube from nightstand drawer into his hand without Matt noticing. Planting his heels in the mattress, Matt opened himself to the gentle caress of fingers within him and then moaned in absolute pleasure when John’s mouth sucked his cock.

Matt breathed hard as his body slipped his control. John had him, taking care of him without any verbal input as though the bigger man instinctively knew what to do. Which, somehow, he did; the last six months had proved that over and over again. His body shuddered in desire and love as John’s touch remained tender and gentle, at complete odds with his rough exterior. It was so perfect, so nearly perfect, how they meshed and how he wanted for nothing, except…

Da…” Matt bit off the word that almost got free of him.

Everything stopped and he groaned in both frustration and trepidation. McClane had heard him. Even with his face buried in Matt’s crotch and thighs over his shoulders, John had heard that barely uttered, unfinished word.

“What did you just say?”

Matt struggled to breathe normally as John shoved aside Matt’s legs and sat up. He met the other man’s eyes and tried to bluff. “Nothing. I was, you know, babbling. I do that, remember? Babbling’s my middle name, you’ve ow!”

John’s grip on Matt’s dick remained painfully tight as the other man stated, menacing, “Last I checked, my name started with a ‘J,’ but you just started calling out a name that starts with ‘D’ and ‘A.’ Dan? David? Darren? Who the fuck is he, kid?”

Kid. Not baby, or lover, or even Matty. Kid was reserved for when John was angry or working on getting angry. When the squeezing got tighter, he exclaimed, “No one! I didn’t call out anyone’s name!”

Making a disgusted noise, John climbed off the bed and swiped his pants off the floor. “Yeah, right, kid. You know, I figured that this wouldn’t last, but I thought you had more balls than to go behind my back.”

Desperate, Matt jumped out of the bed and swore, “I’m not screwing around on you, John! I wouldn’t do that to you!”

Now dressed in his jeans, and Matt was momentarily distracted because that just made him hotter with the broad chest and bare feet, John snarled, “You did! You just called out for someone else in my own God damned bed!”

Matt saw his life going down the toilet with every second he stood there, unable to explain what he’d really almost said. John was a proud man and wouldn’t stand for being cheated on again. He would walk out first and looked about ready to do just that. When John grabbed his shirt off the floor, Matt finally exclaimed, “Daddy! I almost called you Daddy!”

John froze in the middle of picking up his shirt and then slowly stood upright again. Slate gray eyes pinned Matt in place as the other man repeated in apparent disbelief, “Daddy?”

Flushing, Matt nodded and told him, “I didn’t mean it, okay? I won’t do it again. Please, just don’t leave me. Please, John, don’t go.”

“You called me Daddy?” John echoed, softer.

Matt hugged himself, feeling more exposed and vulnerable since the helicopter with a mounted machine gun had shot out the windshield of the car in which he’d been. At least with Gabriel, the bad man could only kill him. John could flay him alive and leave him crippled for life without a single touch, he’d let the big man in so deep.

He flinched when John stepped closer, but the other man only said, “Easy there, Matty, you’re okay,” and drew him into a tight hug with an arm around Matt’s waist and shoulder. Shock kept him stiff for a few minutes, but when John simply held him, he eventually relaxed. Resting his cheek against the warm chest, Matt let out a long breath and slid his arms around John’s waist.

“How long has this been building?” John asked, not moving.

Matt shrugged. “Forever? I just…it’s so cliché I can hardly stand it myself.”

“Cliché? Needing someone to look after you is cliché?” John repeated, swatting him lightly on the ass. “That’s a load of crap. Matty, I don’t care what you call me, but you gotta be honest with me. I need to know what you need, or we’re going to wind up drifting away from each other. I made that mistake once and I’m not doing it again. You got me?”

Nodding, Matt asked hesitantly, “So, it’s okay?”

“It’s fine,” John promised, kissing his temple. “I love you, okay?”

Matt sighed deeply again, relaxing against his lover with a sense of relief that went bone deep. “Okay…Daddy.”

John sighed strong enough that the air moved Matt’s bangs. “Damn. That’s…hot, actually. Say it again, but look at me.”

Surprised, Matt looked up at the other man and asked, “Can we go back to bed, Daddy?”

“Shit, yeah,” John growled, shoving his pants back down and stepping out of them.

Matt yelped, flailing when John unexpectedly scooped him up and carried him to the bed. John lowered him carefully onto the pillows and smiled as he nudged Matt onto his side and then spooned up behind him. He picked up right where they’d left off, his fingers moving inside Matt without pause as he sucked lightly at Matt’s ear. It didn’t take long to get back with the program, his dick hardening rapidly at the way his lover played with his body, hitting all his hot spots.

Then John’s cock pushed into him with an aching slowness. Matt moaned, collapsing utterly back on his lover. Once John had penetrated as deep as he could in that position, he murmured, “That’s it, baby, let me take care of you. Daddy’s got you and I’m never letting you go. You good and hard for me? You want more? You want Daddy to fuck you good, don’t you?”

Shuddering violently at the deep, almost guttural words, Matt’s hand clenched John’s hip tight. He couldn’t figure out how to speak, he was so turned on. And then the other man started fucking him slow and easy, moving in and out at a leisurely pace. It was like all his dreams come true and Matt couldn’t even say a word. He was defenseless and yet unafraid for the first time in his life.

“Oh, yeah, shit you feel so good,” John groaned. “So perfect, Matty, so fuckin’ perfect.”

Matt felt the strain in his lover’s body as John refused to speed up or get rough. Then John’s hand wrapped around his dick and Matt lost his mind in three, too-gentle strokes. He blinked away the orgasm while still pumping mindlessly into John’s hand, spurting over the callused, rough skin. John pushed him forward into the mattress and ground into his body, spilling deep and filling Matt with his come.

Completely wrecked, Matt decided he could learn to breathe through the pillow rather than move, but John had other plans. He pulled Matt back on his side, sliding an arm under Matt’s head as support and the other possessively around his waist. Smiling in contentment and not caring that his ass was going to kill him if John didn’t pull out, Matt muttered, “You rock.”

John laughed, a low, happy sound as he replied, “Thanks, baby, you’re not too bad yourself.”

Sighing happily, Matt burrowed back against his lover and laced their hands together as he closed his eyes.