Wolfpack: As head of the Shifter North American Council, Admiral AJ Chegwidden has a lot on his plate. That often includes looking after his willful beta, Harmon Rabb.
Romanology: A lifetime spent denying the way things should be.
AU Stories: AJ as a rancher and Harm the environmental lawyer that he rescues.
Stand Alone Stories: Myriad JAG stories, most AJ/Harm, but not all.
An Unwilling Man AJ keeps his deal with the CIA and becomes an agent with them to keep Harm safe.
The Seduction of Harmon Rabb AJ shows Harm a new way to have a relationship. warnings: kink
JAG/Stargate: SG1: Harm is called upon to defend Air Force Colonel Jack O'Neill.
JAG/The Sentinel: Harm rescues a young man named Blair Sandburg and discovers more about himself and AJ than he'd thought possible.
JAG/Horatio Hornblower: AJ and Harm find themselves 200 years in the past.
Family: Harm and AJ are trapped on a tropical island and the unusual happens. warnings: mpreg
Dictates: What happens when AJ and Harm can't keep their feelings down anymore?