Sarah had been all set to surprise Johnny as a lesson that a security system didn't do any good if you left the back door unlocked. She was going to silently track him down and scare the bejesus out of him. But then, just as she was about to round the corner from the kitchen to the living room, he groaned.

Not just groaned, but…groaned. A sound of pure frustration that she'd only heard in their bed, back before the accident. Heat suffused her cheeks and she stopped in her tracks.

"Damn it, Bruce, stop teasing!"

Her heart stuttered at the exclamation, a hand going to her throat as she inched closer to the door to listen.

"Forget it, man, you got to eat it last time. It's my turn."

Wow...that, actually. Sarah put her hand on the door, hesitant about announcing her presence.


Johnny was whining? She'd never heard him use that particular tone before; cajoling mixed with pleading.

"No, man, you heard me. I've got dibs and I'm not giving it up. It's all mine."

The was a long pause, then Johnny complained, "At least let me lick it clean!"

Sarah's eyes widened as she tried to picture Johnny…no…she wasn't sure what to picture and didn't really want to know. She was going to turn right around and leave. Any second.

"I get all of it John. I get to eat it. I get to swallow it down. And I get to lick it clean. Every last bit of it."

There was another...groan...from Johnny. Then there was the sound of wrestling as the leather couch creaked under their weight. Dear God, were they really…

"Knock it off, John! I can't believe you'd try to make me give it up!"

Heat burned through her as she realized that they really were doing what she thought.

"You are such a jerk, sometimes, Bruce."

Now that sounded like a pout. Bruce laughed, a deep, warm chuckle that was slightly breathless as it sensually filled the air. "And you're such a poor loser."

They sounded like they were moving, but before she could backtrack, or even move, the door swung open, knocking her in the head. "Ow!"

"Sarah!" Johnny exclaimed in alarm, grabbing her arm and steadying her. "Are you all right?"

She carefully cracked open an eye, shocked to find him completely dressed. A glance at Bruce confirmed that not only was the other man dressed as well, but carrying an empty plate with the remnants of some kind of pasty on it.

Talk about having your mind in the gutter! she thought, embarrassment running through her. Regaining a little of her composure, she assured him, "No, it's my fault. I was going to, you know, surprise you for leaving the security system off on the back door."

Johnny grimaced. "Yeah. I still forget about it."

Cuffing him upside the back of the head as he went to the sink, Bruce said pointedly, "I'm going to start charging you five bucks every time you do."


"Anyhow. I just came by to invite you to Little Johnny's play next week," Sarah said, willing the flush in her cheeks to go down. How the hell could she have thought…that?

Johnny frowned. "You already did."

"I did? Oh, it must've slipped my mind. Well, I'm just, I'm going to head out," she said weakly.

"All right. Drive safe," Johnny called as she left.

She waved at them both and hurried out the front door. God. Sometimes she was such an idiot!

* * * *

Bruce came up behind Johnny, wrapping his arms around the other man's waist. Kissing just below Johnny's ear, he said, "That was kind of mean, man."

Snorting, Johnny's hands rested on Bruce's as he leaned back into the embrace and replied, "Maybe it will teach her to just keep barging in here. Besides, it's April Fool's Day. I deserve a little fun."