Tears fell down Willow's cheek as she watched the black man struggling to get to the dead white man on the hospital gurney. He was devastated and shouting, "It's not possible!" over and over, struggling against the orderlies to get to his lover. At least, she assumed that the other guy was his lover. Had been.

Sniffling, Willow looked around and saw a dark haired man watching from the door, a pained expression on his face as the black man was sedated. Beyond him was a pompous looking older guy, though to give him credit, he looked sad, too.

It was the smiling demon behind the older guy that caused Willow to stiffen. Oh, he looked nice and human enough, like some pleasant guy you'd find at a pub, but she could sense the evil radiating from him. Even if he hadn't been smiling like a kid in a candy store at the tragedy he was witnessing.

The tragedy that she was suddenly certain he had caused.

Oh, enough of this.

* * * *

Willow woke, gasping with the effort of pulling out of the vision.

"Willow? You all right?"

Looking over at Dawn's anxious face, she smiled and answered, "Fine, Dawnie. Just have something to take care of. Tell Buffy I'll be back in a few hours."

"But, Willow, what about…"

Willow left before Dawn could finish her protest, leaving the house and walking around to the side. She tried not to use her powers for things this big, but it was an obvious emergency or The Powers That Be wouldn't have brought her in like that.

Closing her eyes, she whispered, "Hermes, God of flight, make me light, bring me through the world to the sight of the man in perpetrated pained."

Darkness surged around her and she felt sick to her stomach. When the world steadied around her again, Willow opened her eyes to find herself on a quiet street and shivered at the cold. It was obviously the east coast from the trees. Glancing around, she saw the blond man, the one who died, talking to a young girl, grinning and teasing her about something.

There's one, she thought.

Another scan showed the black man just exiting a driveway quite a bit down a side street, obviously looking for something; probably his lover.

There's two.

She watched as the black man was waylaid by the demon and scowled. And baby makes three.

Striding across the street, Willow arrived just as they stopped talking and the black man headed down the street. At least it was in the right direction. She reached the demon and blocked his path, arms crossed over her chest. "What're you doing?"

He frowned. "What's it to you?"

"You aren't supposed to be interfering," Willow stated with certainty.

Snorting, the demon replied, "It's what I do."

Willow shook her head and said, "Not this time."

Blue eyes regarded her with amusement. "And who are you to stop me, witch?"

Willow gathered power around her and replied easily, "I used to be the Ultimate Evil. Now I'm just a pissed off witch, but I can still banish your sorry butt."

He flinched and muttered, "See ya."

Grinning as he disappeared, Willow turned to find the black man jogging towards her and alarm flared. He was supposed to be going the other way! Frantic, she pictured the girl talking with the blond man and closed her eyes, concentrating. "A guide to break through the spell, call his name."

The girl appeared on her bike at the top of the street and shouted, "Bruce!"

Willow could practically feel the frustration from the man as he stopped in his tracks and swung around. She heard the muffled curse as he ran in the other direction. Somehow, she knew that he wasn't going to make it, not even when he put on a major burst of speed. "One more thing, to speed his feet, make him fleet."

Running, she made the corner and watched as he tackled the blond man out of the path of an oncoming car. Breathing a sigh of relief, she smiled at the sight of the blond man who was cradling Bruce carefully, calling his name and desperately trying to see where he was hurt.

That's just so sweet! she thought with a pleased sigh.

Though she didn't know why they were important to TPTB, Willow knew that they were. Hmm. Probably some kind of alarm? Nodding to herself, she focused on both of the men with her power and whispered, "A future spell, ring a bell, let me know of anything fell."

There. Connection made. If that demon, or anyone else, tried to mess with the two men again, Willow would know about it.

Suddenly exhausted, Willow yawned and closed her eyes. "Hermes, God of flight, make me light, bring me back home tonight."

The darkness and nausea hit again, more virulent this time, but when she opened her eyes, she was where she'd started. Only it was dark, nighttime. Shaking her head, Willow muttered, "Damn. I've really gotta watch my wording."