A Code

Part 1: This is what happens when you find your code and follow it, no matter what. R spoilers: for all the movies, including the final one.

Tokyo Drift

Breathe: Dom and Sean help each other. NC17

The Fall

Part 1: When the world ends in a hail of bombs, Dom comes back to LA for Brian and Mia. R
Part 2: With the insanity that is their new life, Dom and Brian deal with their new relationship as best they can. NC17
Part 3: Tanner shows up at the house, giving Dom some unexpected information. NC17

Stand Alones

White Winter: Brian faces his first white winter alone. R, angst, language. Spoilers for all movies. Part of the 12 Days of Xmas, 2009
Clean: Just a little fun in the shower. NC17