The music was soft and slow, the woman's voice sultry and smooth. Mal looked around his quarters in surprise as he took in the candles and darkened lights, as well as the furniture cleared from the center of the room. Frowning, he asked, "Simon? You here?"

"Well I certainly hope you weren't expecting Jayne," Simon teased from the corner. As he stood, his eyes widened dramatically and Simon exclaimed, "! Please tell me it's not...Wash!"

Snorting, Mal observed, "You're not quite right sometimes, Simon."

With a grin, Simon replied, "Like sister, like brother."

"I expect River might object to that comparison," Mal stated, reaching for the other man.

Simon took Mal's hands and put them on his waist, sidling closer as he said, "Speaking of which. River is sleeping over with Kaylee tonight and you, my dear Captain, are on medical leave for the next twelve hours."

"Oh, is that so," Mal asked, amused.

"That's so. Doctor's orders. And you know, on Earth That Was, the doctor actually had the power to determine the Captain's fitness for duty."

"Are you saying I'm not fit for duty, doctor?"

Eyes glittering in the candle-light, Simon smiled and replied, "I think an examination is definitely called for."

Mal swayed to the music, drawing Simon more firmly into his arms. "Exam away. I could actually get used to this kind of check-up."

"Me, too," Simon breathed, laying his head on Mal's shoulder.

They slow danced for a good long while. Mal enjoyed the feel of Simon in his arms, the strong body tucked against his own, lips nuzzling his throat, every so often. Simon's arms surrounded his waist, his hands lightly gripping Mal's belt. It was nice. Soothing. No pressures, no demands, not even any real need. Just the two of them, together, taking the time to savor what it was that kept them together.

"That shipment of ore seems to have taken on a lot of precedence," Simon observed lazily.

Mal shrugged. "Miners need the funds before winter sets in. Told them I'd put a rush on the sale."

"Ah. You know, I've discovered something about you that I don't think anyone, not even Zoe, knows."

Mal smirked a bit and asked, "What's that?"

Simon nipped at Mal's chin before teasing, "You're a softie."

"Don't be spreading that around now," Mal ordered, spinning them suddenly and dipping Simon, who gasped in surprise and clutched at him. A smile curved his lips as he continued softly, "Don't worry, I've got you."

An echoing smile blossomed and Simon said, "I know."

Mal pulled him upright and captured soft, willing lips for a slow kiss. He loved this: kissing and playing with the man in his arms. Pulling back, he observed the flushed face and asked, "Have I mentioned lately how much I am so totally in love with you?"

The flush deepened and Simon's eyes seemed to glow as he answered, "Not in the last day or so."

"Well, shame on me then. Because I am so totally in love with you, that it just boggles my mind," Mal said.

Simon kissed him and agreed, "It boggles my mind, too."

Surprised, Mal asked, "What do you mean?"

"You could have anyone you want, Mal. Probably did, before I came along. I still haven't a clue why you would choose me," Simon replied with a shrug.

Mal snorted. "It's not like I wanted to, believe me. First time I saw you, I thought you were a stuck-up little priss. But at the same time, those high-born ways of yours made me want to mess you up a little."

"A little?"

"Okay, a lot. I wanted to bend you over a rail and show you your place," Mal whispered hot into Simon's ear. "I would've fucked you so hard that you would've come just from that and not been able to sit down for a week. You wouldn't have known which way was up, let alone been able to stop me."

Simon shuddered, his hands gripping Mal now, not his belt, as he pushed closer, aiming for full body contact. Then he pulled back with a frown. "You didn't really, did you?"

Laughing heartily, Mal shook his head. "Way to ruin a fantasy moment, Dr. Tam."

A flush crossed Simon's face and he buried himself against Mal's chest, issuing a muffled, "Sorry."

Still chuckling, Mal rubbed his hands soothingly over Simon's back. "Don't worry about it. I'll just have to remember to put a warning in front of my fantasies if we talk about them again in the future."

Curious now, Simon looked at Mal again and asked, "Do you have a lot of them?"

Grinning wickedly, Mal nodded. "And you're the star of them all. Well, except for the one where Jayne scrubs Serenity with a toothbrush."

"He's not naked, I hope," Simon asked dryly.

"Now there's a disturbing thought," Mal stated, shaking his head. "What about you? How many fantasies you got?"

"Of a sexual nature? Ah, well, it's probably indicative of a singularly limited imagination, but just one," Simon confessed.

Intrigued, Mal questioned, "What is it?"

Simon shook his head. "You'll laugh."

"I won't, I promise."

Ducking his head, Simon said, "It's just us, alone somewhere, and you're doing whatever you want to me."

"Don't I usually?" Mal asked in surprise.

Simon shook his head, embarrassed and flushing an even deeper red as he emphasized, "Whatever you want. You can bite me, draw blood, spank me, tie me up, anything, and you do. And it's...wonderful. All of it because I know you'll never really hurt me. I can just let go and feel every sensation like never before."

"Why Dr. Tam, I didn't know you were so kinky," Mal teased, even as he hardened at Simon's words. He could picture it all and it was making him hotter than hell.

"I knew you'd laugh."

"No! Hey, Simon, I wasn't laughing," Mal assured him seriously. "I was teasing you, but I wasn't laughing."

Shy, Simon risked a look at Mal and prompted, "So...what do you think?"

Nuzzling Simon's throat, Mal answered, "I think I need to install sound shielding on this you can feel every sensation and just let go."

Simon inhaled sharply and moved eagerly closer. "Would you, really?"

The reaction startled Mal, but he schooled his expression to show only gentle encouragement. "If you want."

"It is rather...inhibiting...with River practically next door," Simon admitted.

Damn. If this had been Simon inhibited, Mal almost didn't want to see him uninhibited. It would probably kill him, but what a way to go.

"It makes me nervous when you're this quiet. It can only mean trouble," Simon stated with a grin.

Grinning in return, Mal said, "Just ponderin' what I would do with an uninhibited Simon."

"Oh yeah? Like what?" Simon challenged.

With a snort, Mal answered, "Like gag you, for one. Can't a body savor?"

Simon's eyes darkened and he murmured, "Might work in place of a sound shield for now."

Heat rushed to his groin at the suggestion. Mal spun them sharply a couple of times to get Simon off balance, then pushed him roughly to the bed. Simon's arms wind-milled for a second, but it was too sudden and forceful for him not to fall. Lowering his voice, Mal ordered, "Don't fucking move from that spot until I say. And not another word, dong ma?"

Wide-eyed, Simon nodded.

Turning, Mal headed for his closet and pulled out some of the ties he never wore, but Kaylee kept giving him as gifts. They were clean, thankfully, so he went back to the bed and climbed on. Straddling Simon's hips, he commanded, "Open up."

Simon obediently opened his mouth and Mal fitted one of the ties over the opening, knotting it around back. "That should take care of the noise problem for now. Hands out."

Even more wide-eyed, Simon held out his arms. Mal bound them, then cursed and undid them. "Gotta take off the gorram shirt, first."

Simon snorted with amusement and Mal threatened, "Boy, are you going to be sorry for that."

Simon started to protest, but Mal quirked an eyebrow at him and the doctor thought better of it. Mal helped Simon out of his shirt, then tied his wrists for real. He took care to make it firm, but not tight enough to cut off the blood or chafe. Next, he lashed them to the headboard, forcing Simon onto his back. Rubbing his hands roughly over the taut chest, he said softly, "I think we'll just start easy tonight. You don't really know much about this kind of thing, to my way of thinking, so we'll lay some ground rules right quick. You get really scared and want to stop, for real I mean, say Serenity, and I stop, no matter what. Okay?"

Simon nodded slowly.

"Good. That's your out and I expect you to use it if you need to. I'm going to make you feel so good you won't even need to think it, but the option is there. Now. Are we clear on that score?"

Simon nodded again.

"Good," Mal repeated. His hands stopped to tweak and pinch each nipple and Simon gasped. Taking his time, Mal rubbed the hard nubs, then pinched them again, loving the shivers it provoked. He kept pinching them, hard and then gentle, over and over and without pattern, so Simon never knew what was coming next.

When he felt Simon's cock hard beneath him, even through their clothes, Mal stopped. Leaning back, he surveyed the gasping, shivering body beneath him. Simon's eyes were both pleading and defiant and Mal chuckled. "I think I'm going to tan your backside for that, but not tonight. There is something else, though."

Simon's look turned puzzled as his breathing evened out somewhat.

Mal picked up the last tie and ordered softly, "Close your eyes, Simon."

There was a genuine hesitation at that. Mal waited patiently, and finally, Simon's eyes closed and the tension just seemed to drain from him all at once. Tension that Mal hadn't even realized was there. Well. Turned out that Simon really was quite the little actor, wasn't he? It made Mal more determined than ever to give Simon anything he needed, everything he needed. He leaned forward and placed the tie over Simon's eyes and knotted it in back as well.

Tonight, Mal knew that Simon needed to know that Mal was back in control. He'd leaned so heavily and so completely on Simon during his breakdown, that it had scared the younger man. Oh, he'd never said so, and Mal knew that Simon never would, but seeing Mal defenseless had shaken the other man to his core.

It had taken longer than usual for Mal to bury his demons, this time around. He didn't know if that was because he had Simon to lean on, or if they'd been more vicious than usual. Or both, maybe? Whatever the reason, Simon had been his rock. Once he was back to normal, or at least what was normal for him, Simon had pulled back a little, even though Mal was sure the doctor hadn't even realized that he had.

The main reason tonight had come as such a surprise.

Turning his attention back to the body under his command, Mal licked his lips and whispered, "You're mine now, Tam. Anything I want to do, I'm going to do."

Gooseflesh erupted under his very eyes and Simon shuddered in response.

Grinning, even though his captive couldn't see it, Mal leaned forward and kissed his way over Simon's chest. He stopped at a nipple to suck and lick it, to use his mouth for play now instead of his hands. His hands were otherwise engaged with rubbing Simon's cock through his pants. He could feel the heat and wet spot against the fabric. "Gonna make you come in your pants, Simon, like a kid. You're going to wet yourself for me, aren't you, just because I want you to. Forget that you're not supposed to do this. Spill out, fuck my hand, yeah, that's right, do it harder like that."

The wet spot was getting bigger, despite Simon's obvious struggle not to let go. Mal loved the moans coming from his lover, loved every hitch of breath and begging sigh. The arching of his back as Simon silently asked for more attention sent a shock of heat through Mal and he bit hard enough to bruise on the nearest nipple. Simon cried out, but the gag muffled it.

Under his hand, Simon's cock was rock hard, trapped in the confines of his trousers and underwear. Mal added squeezing to the friction and that caused another muffled cry. Fierce now, determined, Mal sucked hard on the bruised nipple and rubbed and squeezed Simon until the other man uttered a long, hoarse shout of release, coming in his pants and wetting Mal's hand through the fabric.

Simon collapsed, quivering, against the bed. Mal slid an arm under him and cuddled the trembling body close. He pulled the gag down from Simons mouth and kissed him, soft and soothing, promising tenderness after that whirlwind of lust and release. Simon, of course, responded immediately, turning into the kiss and opening his mouth to it. Feeding deep on the pliant lips, Mal lost himself in the moment, sucking Simon's tongue and love into himself like a vital drink of water to his parched soul.

His hands moved slow and easy over Simon's body, first unbuckling and unzipping the wet trousers. Then one reached up to pull off the blinder and the other went to work on the wrist-ties. The moment Simon was free, his arms wrapped around Mal as though he was never going to let go. He rolled them until Mal was on top and then, finally, broke the kiss, staring up at the captain with such intensity, that Mal thought his heart might burst with it. "Are you okay?"

"Okay?" Simon whispered back in disbelief. "You just handed me my heart's fantasy and you ask if I'm okay?"

Smiling then, Mal eyed Simon's mouth and murmured, "You're okay then."

Simon grinned and said, in a more normal voice, "Yes. I am very okay."

Wriggling his eyebrows, Mal commented, "Good. Then you won't mind me doing this!"

A burst of laughter escaped Simon when Mal started tickling him mercilessly. They wrestled playfully for a few minutes, then Mal swooped in for another kiss. He reached down and lost his own pants as best he could without losing the contact of their mouths, then kicked them off altogether. Finally, their cocks aligned, his own sliding through the mess of seed around Simon's groin, and they both moaned.

Pulling back, Mal whispered, "Gonna love you 'til you can't see straight."

Simon shivered again, his eyes hot as his hands slid down Mal's shoulders and around his back, squeezing and playing with the muscles. Mal licked and bit his way down Simon's body and took his lover's cock again, sucking it soft and slow, the way Simon loved it best. It was only a few minutes until it began to respond, hardening in his mouth.

Letting Simon fall from his mouth, Mal got to his knees, straddling Simon again and ordered, "Turn over, Simon."

Closing his eyes briefly, Simon did as he was told and splayed his legs eagerly. Mal's breath caught and he leaned forward ran his tongue over the hole in the center. It tasted faintly of seed, but mostly it was clean, which meant that Simon had been hoping for just this. Grinning to himself, he put some effort into the tonguing and provoked a loud moan from Simon that became muffled halfway through.

Really gonna have to do that shielding thing, he thought vaguely before surrendering his higher brain functions to the lust in him.

It took a good while, but Mal enjoyed the feast that was his lover as he loosened Simon. Playing with the body at his disposal was a high he didn't ever want to come down from. His hands roamed, pinching and massaging with heavy caresses. Nails raked across his shoulders and he hissed in surprise, looking up to find Simon staring back at him. Wondering why they hadn't exploded from the heat there, Mal got the message and grabbed the lube off the nearby shelf, slicking himself up.

His push inside was easy, the muscles taking him in and holding him, Simon squeezing deliberately around his cock to make him groan with pleasure. Feeling his balls ready to burst, he stopped, resting his head against Simon's sweaty back as he tried to get control.

"Just fuck me!" Simon snarled, shoving back against him.

Mal pulled himself up and slapped Simon's ass twice, hard. "That's enough out of you. I told you that I was in charge here."

Eyes wide, Simon licked his lips and nodded slowly.

"Now. What's the right way to ask for it?" Mal asked, drawing out the torture for them both. All he wanted to do was plow inside Simon and come, but that wasn't all his lover seemed to need, tonight anyhow.

After a moment's hesitation, Simon answered, "Please? Fuck me?"

A wicked grin curved Mal's mouth and he approved, "Better. We'll work on your manners when matters aren't quite so urgent."

With that, Mal pulled almost all the way out and slammed back in. Simon howled in surprise and pleasure as Mal forcibly fucked him, moving in and out in a fast, punishing rhythm. Mal held onto Simon's hips to keep him in place but was only partially successful. Simon had to push against the wall to keep steady.

Losing his mind had never felt so good. Mal felt only the tight heat around his cock and the friction, heard only the whimpers and moans coming from Simon and the meaty thud of their bodies rocking together. Then Simon cried out and it sounded almost like pain, tightening his ass around Mal's cock and coming, spraying all over the bedspread. Mal growled in triumph and let himself come as well, humping hard against the ready, giving flesh.

Shoving Simon onto the bed, Mal jerked rapidly into him, then sealed them together without moving, shooting deep inside, as deep as he could get. Blackness edged his vision, then took over altogether.

* * * *

Even though Mal collapsed on him, weighting him down, Simon didn't want to move. His mind was awash in the raw feelings the other man had stirred and satisfied, feelings he'd only vaguely paid any attention to before. He could feel the sting of Mal's bites and pinches, the dull throbbing of the bruises now adorning him, and knew for a fact that he wouldn't be able to sit for a couple of days.

And he felt incredible.

Sighing in deep, utter contentment, Simon closed his eyes and drifted into sleep.