Firefly The Series


#1 Burden of Emotion - To Mal's way of thinking, how he feels about Simon is a burden of emotion...or is it?

warnings - bad language and graphic m/m sex NC17

#2 Vaccinations - Poor one told him that he needed to have all his shots updated.

warnings - bad language R

#3 Near Miss - Someone nearly gets away with kidnapping Simon right off of Serenity and Mal decides that it's not worth the chance that his emotions will get in the way.

warnings - bad language and Simon owies.

#4 Reconnecting - It takes a conspiracy to get a Captain and a Doctor back together again, but the crew is up for it.

warnings - bad language, graphic m/m sex NC17

#5 Den of Iniquity - All Mal wants is some shore leave...nothin' ever goes smooth, though, does it?

warnings - bad language and violence NC17

#6 Flashback - Mal has a flashback and it's up to Simon to bring him back to the present.

warnings - bad language, violence, graphic m/m sex NC17

#7 Slow Dancing - Just a little slow dancing and getting back on an even keel.

warnings - violence and bad language - NC17 (eventually)

#8 Family - The Tams have decided to get involved in their children's lives again.

warnings - Violence and bad language - NC17

#9 Fairy Tale - Zoe's family heritage comes into question.

warnings - Violence and bad language - NC17

#10 Early - Jubile Early comes calling again.

Warnings: implied non-con, violence, bad language

#11 Later - Simon's trying to figure out how to get back to where he was before the kidnapping.

Warnings: non-con explanations, bad language, angst