Simon stared up into an icy stare and realized that this man was staking a claim. On him, to be specific.

"Everyone out, now. And don't come back."

Not even Zoe or River protested as Mal continued to stare at Simon like he was going to skin him alive. Swallowing in serious trepidation, Simon inched away from Mal, hearing the others leave him alone with the kuang. He'd seen Mal angry before, he'd even seen the captain furious a time or two, but this...this was new and really, really unnerving. "We should talk about this, Mal."

With a growl, Mal snapped, "Talk about what? The fact that every time I let you out of my sight, you wind up kidnapped, shot, burnt at the stake, or worse? Best way around that, is to not let you out of my sight now, isn't it?"

"Ah, no, I wouldn't say as much," Simon stopping only because the wall stopped him. Damn! He'd missed the stairs. He started sliding sideways, but Mal's arm was abruptly in the way. He slid the other way, but was immediately trapped by the other arm.

"You wouldn't say as much?" Mal questioned softly, leaning in.

This close, Mal's eyes were huge and impossible to look away from. Dark, dark blue, what color was visible with the pupils flared so large in the semi-darkness of the cargo hold. ""

Mal dropped from hands to forearms, suddenly and literally in Simon's face. Almost menacing, Mal observed, "That don't sound too certain, doctor."

"No! I mean, yes, it is certain. No need to uh, take any trouble about umph..."

Simon had known, logically, that the next thing for Mal to do was to kiss him, but he was still completely unprepared for the intensity and force behind the action. He was flattened to the wall, Mal pinning him there mercilessly as he savaged Simon's mouth with lips, tongue and teeth. Simon couldn't even react, Mal was so forceful. All he could do was stand there and moan while his mouth was fucked by Mal's tongue.

Simon had never been kissed by another man before, and though he'd been attracted now and again, Mal most definitely being now, he'd never been touched by one, either. His haughty airs and aloof manner had discouraged all but the most persistent, and those last had been cut down and kept away with words. Mal, though...the Captain had always seemed to look right through him with no regard for any of Simon's words on a personal level.

Not that Simon had really been trying his best to dissuade the other man, because words always seemed to desert him where the Browncoat was concerned. His mind flashed to the Mudder's planet where Mal had circled him like a bird of prey, eyeing him up and down as he listed off all Simon's qualities, good and bad, in a slightly mocking fashion. He'd been completely tongue-tied and unable to offer a proper cut-down, sufficing it with, "...just stop describing me!"

Mal's hand gripped Simon between the legs, but didn't actually touch his cock. Fingers clenched the thigh and just underneath, rubbing fabric in that too-sensitive spot behind his balls and provoking an honest to God whimper as electricity bolted through him.

"This is how I want you, doctor," Mal whispered. "Putty in my hands, ready to do whatever I want, because you're mine."

The words shot through Simon as wickedly as the touch had and he whimpered again, his legs spreading, his body aching for more. "Please..."

Mal bit sharply at Simon's throat, then demanded softly, "Please what, doctor?"

"Please...I need..." Simon's words trailed off in a groan as Mal squeezed, his fingers again bestowing heretofore unknown pleasure. "Mal...please..."

Warm and wet, Mal's tongue slid across Simon's collarbone just before his hands ripped apart the shirt and vest in one fierce movement, sending buttons flying all over the place. "Wode, Simon, you hear me?"

"God, yes!" Simon hissed when Mal sucked hard on a nipple, then bit it for extra measure. He was harder than he'd ever been, and needier as well, but that didn't matter. All of his previous thoughts of sex as being unnecessary with the right mind-set, were banished. None of his encounters before this had ever approached such heat and lust and desperation. He wasn't sure that he would survive, but didn't even care.

Mal moved to the other nipple and paid it similar treatment. When Simon tried to put his hands somewhere, anywhere, on Mal, the other man grabbed them and pinned them to the side. A protest escaped before he could stop it, "Mal..."

Drawing back, Mal's eyes again stared him down. "Somethin' you want to say? Because I can stop."

Simon shook his head, keeping quiet, desperate not to stop.

"That's what I thought. Hands by your side, doctor, and don't even twitch," Mal ordered in that hard, soft tone.

This time, Simon nodded and his fingers clenched his pants.

"Uh uh. Good idea, but the pants are going to be gone in about..."

Simon's eyes widened when a large, wickedly sharp knife appeared from seemingly nowhere.

Smirking, Mal cautioned, "Don't move, doctor, or you'll be performing surgery on yourself."

The knifetip pricked Simon's nipple and he bit his lip to keep still, unable to stifle the needy cry. The shock was replaced by such an incredible wave of lust that he didn't rightly know what his body might do, not anymore.

Trailing down, following the scattering of chest hair, the knife paused every so often to nick Simon, drawing tiny little bursts of pain as it went. Much to Simon's bewilderment, his erection not only didn't soften, it got harder and started leaking. When an inch-long cut was drawn along a rib, he moaned, the fire going straight to his cock, while the blood followed more slowly.

A warm, amused chuckle echoed and Mal observed, "It's always the quiet ones."

When the flat of Mal's tongue cleaned off the blood, the saliva stinging the cut, Simon just about squirmed in ecstasy, but didn't, feeling the blade against his abdomen. "Oh...fu-uck..."

The provoked a laugh and a big, sucking kiss against the cut. Mal straightened and looked into Simon's eyes with, "Such a perfect canvas. You've never done this before, have you?"

Simon shook his head vehemently.

"You want me to stop?"


"Didn't think so, but we need to be clear on a few things. You know that after this, anyone who touches you is dead, right?"

The matter of fact way that Mal made the statement sent a minor chill to Simon's soul, coupled as it was with that cold, icy stare that looked deeper into him than he himself had ever gone.

"Last person I was with, was during the war," Mal continued softly, the blade moving up the hollow of Simon's ribs. "I gave him everything and he pissed it away on some back-alley trash. Now, I got nothing against back-alley trash unless it's messing with what's mine."

"Wh-what did you do?" Simon asked, almost not wanting to know the answer.

Mal licked the juncture of jaw and throat, nibbling on Simon's ear as he whispered, "Nothing, that time. The next time he betrayed me, it wasn't with some slut, it was to the Alliance. Most of my platoon was slaughtered because of that piece of filth. Nothing like that will ever happen again, in any form. I don't brook betrayal, Simon. Someone messes with me or what's mine, I respond with force. I almost vented Jayne for what he done to you and River, and he knows his place now."

Simon hadn't thought his eyes could get any bigger, but he knew they did. Mal had almost vented Jayne? His mind literally boggled at the thought. He'd thought that he and River were still on the outside looking in, as they'd been their whole lives.

Nibbling at Simon's ear, Mal whispered, "You're part of my crew, and until the deal between us is broken, you're under my protection, Simon, you and River both. I want you. Want to make you scream in pleasure and pain. Want to make you lose your mind. Want to fuck you until you can't move. Want to love you until you're crying from it. Want to kiss you until you can't breathe and then give you the breath to come back to life. All that and more, Simon, yours if you're mine."

Weak-kneed at the hot words in his ear, Simon shuddered, his head thumping against the wall and his eyes closing.

"Looks like you like that idea," Mal murmured, the knife slicing without cutting over Simon's nipple.

Struggling to gather his thoughts, knowing from what he'd seen of Mal during the last year that the other man would not only take everything, but give it too, Simon finally whispered, "I do, God, yes. All that and more."

Mal hissed in surprise and seized Simon's mouth, staking that claim again, while the knife sliced through his pants and they dropped to the floor. The knife was thrown into the nearest box to land with a solid quiver. Then Simon was spun in place, his hands rising automatically to catch himself from going face-first into the bulkhead. He didn't have time to do anything before Mal's mouth was at his hole, sucking; Mal's tongue in his hole, probing. Simon gasped in shocked pleasure, collapsing against the wall and spreading his legs as much as the pants around his ankles would allow.

When the finger entered him, pushing steadily inside, Simon froze, even though he'd known that would be coming, wanted it, even, desperately. Wanted Mal's cock fucking him just like he promised. But he'd never done it before and the reality was putting a damper on things.

Mal's finger pulled out and his mouth returned, working Simon over until he was a panting wreck. Then he was spun in place, again, and his cock swallowed without preamble. A shout escaped and Simon's hands gripped his thighs desperately, remembering Mal's admonishment not to touch him. The wet heat surrounding his cock, the suction, the sight of Mal all the way down to his pubic hair was fast reducing Simon to nothing, his balls drawing up. "Mal, Mal, I'm going to come, please, I can't hold on...please!"

The finger returned to Simon's hole and probed again, but he was too lost in the sensations to pay it any attention. Not until something deep inside was rubbed repeatedly and his body went into overdrive, causing him to howl like a wounded animal. He spilled instantly, his cock exploding in Mal's mouth and wreaking chaos through Simon's body.

Mal's mouth stayed on Simon's cock as he slid down the wall, utterly and completely spent and unable to hold himself up any longer. Mal's finger continued to move inside Simon, pistoning in and out, slow and steady. On his knees now, with Mal sprawled on the floor to keep hold of his cock, Simon swayed, about ready to fall over. His knees spread as he sat back on his heels, inviting more of whatever Mal wanted to do to him.

Falling back against the wall, the cold metal dimmed by the fabric of his ruined shirt, Simon moaned as his cock answered Mal's order to harden again. Simon hissed when Mal pulled off, the air shockingly cold now that he'd gotten used to being in the hot haven of Mal's mouth.

"On your belly."

Simon immediately dropped forward, adjusting himself when something akin to pain struck him as his cock touched the cold metal floor. He squirmed out of his shirt and seconds later, Mal's entire body covered him. Simon could feel the heavy cock rubbing up and down his ass and moaned. Wild with anticipation, Simon kicked off his shoes and the remains of his pants, then wantonly spread his legs, not that Mal needed any encouragement.

Biting Simon's shoulder hard enough to bruise momentarily distracted from the first push. But once Mal's cock was inside that little bit, Simon hissed in pain, mouthing his arm to keep further cries inside.

Mal had other ideas as he ordered hotly, "Let me hear you, Simon, I want to hear every sound as I take your virginity."

"Of, fu-uck," Simon groaned, pressing his forehead to his arm now.

Too Simon's surprise, Mal moved very slowly, a little at a time, gaining ground and retreating. It was agonizing in more ways than the obvious, and he grunted and moaned in turn as the thick cock drove unceasingly into him. Feeling Mal's body all around him, the hot breath, the devastating mouth and biting teeth, the sweat dripping onto him. It all made him want to say hell to caution and care and just lunge back on the cock now halfway inside him. He knew, medically speaking, that even going as slow as they were, without lube he was likely to be torn in places. To just shove back would be courting danger, no matter how tempting it was.

"So fucking tight, Simon, so good," Mal panted, pushing deeper inside.

A sob hitched when Mal went too far, too fast, and his lover stopped instantly. Hating that he was such a wimp, he gasped, "Sorry, sorry, keep going."

Mal kissed Simon's spine and licked a path along the bones, countering easily, "No, xiao baobei, this is about love. When I want you to hurt, it will be a different kind of pain that you'll want, and enjoy."

Which just about melted Simon; both the words and the incredible tenderness in which they were uttered. As it was, they relaxed him enough so that Mal could finally push the last couple of inches into Simon.

Flush against him now, Mal lowered himself full body on top of Simon, resting on his forearms and knees, twining their legs together. Nuzzling the back of Simon's neck, Mal whispered, "Almost there, baobei, make you feel so good, I swear."

Craning his neck back for a kiss, wanting distraction from the uncomfortable fullness of Mal's cock throbbing inside him, Simon gasped, "Already do."

Mal obliged him with a kiss, but it was gentle and tender, as well as possessive. It went on for an eternity and somewhere along the way, Mal started moving. Slow and barely noticeable at first, not even any friction, just motion, stretching Simon with his cock. Simon groaned when Mal started a tentative thrusting, feeling himself give way to the hard shaft. Then Mal pushed onto his hands and humped at Simon, rubbing that spot of electricity again and provoking a different kind of moan from Simon.

Shuddering, Simon ached to touch himself as his cock hardened again, but didn't dare. Mal stopped, then shifted back, settling on his knees and tugging Simon up with him. It took a few moments to get settled how Mal wanted him, but finally he was leaning back against his lover, resting completely on his strength. One of Mal's hands gripped Simon's cock and he ordered, "Fuck my hand, Simon, fuck it like you'd want to fuck me."

"Oh, yeh-soo!" Simon hissed, his body jerking hard at the words.

Mal chuckled hot in his ear and asked, "Liked that idea, did you? Don't worry, Simon, my ass is yours in equal measure. Gotta work off the rest of your virginity, after all."

A little irritated, Simon snapped, "I have had sex before, you know."

Gentle kisses were placed along Simon's throat before Mal soothed, "No offense intended, baobei, honest. But you've never been with a man in any way, have you?"

Simon grumbled and confirmed, "No."

"Good," Mal answered, smug.

Intent on changing that smugness, Simon gave an experimental squeeze of his ass muscles, which sent a shiver and a gasp through Mal. Smirking now, Simon did it again and mocked, "Liked that, did you?"

"Guay!" Mal exclaimed, laughter in his voice. "Better watch out, you're playing with fire, Simon."

Directly after which, Mal pulled out almost all the way and thrust in for real, pulling a grunt from Simon. His hands fumbled back to hold Mal's thighs for support, feeling every slow and firm plunge into his body. Mal's hands on his cock distracted him some, but not too much, which wasn't really a bad thing. He wanted to remember all of this forever, glad that he hadn't done it just to do it, as so many of his classmates had. He'd had some vague notion back then that if he was meant to be with a man, he would know.

Pleasure ripped through him on that thought as Mal nailed his prostate, several times in a row. Simon was a stuttering wreck by the time Mal changed the angle, again completely reliant on his lover's strength. Just as Mal had planned and wanted it. Just as Simon wanted it, if he was being honest with himself. And somehow it seemed impossible to lie to himself right then, filled with Mal's cock, his own gripped firm, panting and shaking with need and lust and love. Part of what attracted him to Mal was the other man's incredible strength of will and drive, and his ruthlessness, as well.

"You ready, Simon? Ready for the world to fall apart?" Mal whispered, biting his ear sharply.

"Oh, God..."

"I'll take that as a yes."

And Simon's world really did fall apart shortly after that. Mal started driving in and out of him with a ruthless rhythm, determined to bring him off again. Between that and the hand on his leaking cock, Simon was on the edge in no time flat. He couldn't tell where he ended and Mal began, their bodies joined harder and faster by the second as Mal tried to crawl inside him. He cried out almost constantly, his voice growing hoarse, and shoved back violently against Mal, squeezing his ass to get more friction and pull his lover along with him.

From the steady stream of, "Fuck yes, so tight and hot, your ass is mine, kill anyone who touches you," Simon was sure he was succeeding.

All it took to nudge Simon over the edge into and explosion of insanity was a cutting bite to the juncture of his throat and shoulder, the skin breaking and sending a jolt through him like nothing he'd ever felt before. Simon didn't even hear himself screaming, just felt something in his throat give as he collapsed forward, barely stopping himself from smashing into the floor.

Mal jack-hammered into him, several savage thrusts that seemed designed to get as deep as possible, then came with a long, loud groan. He sealed himself to Simon at every point along their bodies, covering him completely.

Shuddering limply with barely spent need at the wet heat flooding him, Simon fought the stars and darkness that tried to drag him down. He wanted to feel every spasm, and every jerk of Mal's cock inside him.

An indeterminate time later, Mal stirred and whispered, "Ni hao, baobei?"

Simon thought about it, then answered, just as quiet, "Fine, I mean...I will's so much, Mal."

Pulling out almost as slowly as Mal had gone in didn't stop the groan of pain from Simon as his body tried to return to its former size and shape.

Gentle kissed rained all over Simon's back before Mal spread out beside him. "Come on, lie on me, that's it...better?"

Lying on Mal's chest, cushioned by the warm body, Simon snuggled close, reveling in the arms wrapped around him. His fingers combed through Mal's chest hair and his ear pressed against Mal's chest so he could hear the heart beating below. "Better."

"This wasn't how I planned it," Mal finally said, his tone rueful. "I had planned to seduce you some night with soft words and gentle kisses. But this time...when that ta mah duh hwun dahn had the knife to your throat, something snapped. I really did see red, Simon, but that's no excuse for taking you like I did, out here, not a bed in sight. I just...I couldn't stop."

Simon chuckled and kissed Mal's throat. "Do you see me complaining? And you did give me a chance to say no, remember?"

"Yeah. Thing is, I don't know if I would've stopped," Mal admitted, pressing his lips to the top of Simon's head.

Confident, Simon assured him, "You would have. If I'd said no and meant it, you would never have gone any further."

They were quiet for a while, then Mal asked, "What say we move to a proper bed and spend the rest of the day there?"

Simon grinned and tweaked one of Mal's nipples with, "Not until you get me something to wear. I refuse to go naked through your ship, at least, not looking like this."

Pushing up onto his elbows, Mal observed, "You look fine to me."

Now knowing exactly what that gleam in his lover's eyes meant, Simon held up a finger and protested, "No. Way. Forget it, Captain. Your shuttle is not docking with me again until I get a shower and a muscle relaxer."

Mal blinked at him for a long moment, taking in his words, then burst out laughing and fell back onto the floor. Simon grinned and rode out the shaking, enjoying the full-out laughter almost as much as anything else, he so rarely heard Mal let loose.

"Oh my God, Simon, you do have a way with words," Mal gasped finally, wiping at his eyes.

Still grinning, Simon reminded, "Top three percent."

Chuckling now, Mal kissed him tenderly. "I'm so glad you're wode, baobei."

Inexplicably shy under that all-encompassing gaze, Simon pressed his face against Mal's chest and answered, "Me, too."