John was trying to listen to the briefing, but the hulking shape beside him was a serious distraction. Hellboy was something between his greatest dream and biggest nightmare, depending on what the demon was saying at the time. If it was a teasing comment or cutting remark. If the eyes were gentle and humorous, or cold and angry. Just before the meeting, he and Hellboy had had a rousing fight and he was still unsettled and dismayed that the big man was truly angry with him.

Furious really, but what was he supposed to do? He’d had to jump in the middle of that firefight to grab the girl and get her to safety. No one else had been close enough and Hellboy himself had been occupied by a rather large demon with five arms and a tendency to shoot an acid spray out of its mouth.

The ride back to the agency had been silent with Liz and Abe sitting diplomatically between Hellboy and John. Though really, he was pretty sure he’d rather have been chewed out in the truck than in the main hallway in front of everyone.

God, that had been embarrassing.

Sighing, John looked down at the file, not really seeing the words on the paper. One of these days Hellboy was going to figure out that he could take care of himself. Well, mostly. It wasn’t his fault that he attracted trouble like that. And he did so think before he acted, he wasn’t an idiot. Usually. He sighed again and picked up the pen, doodling in the margins of the report.

Thankful when the briefing was done, John grabbed his file and practically ran out of the room, not wanting to be near Hellboy if he decided to tear him down again. And then, just to make sure his night was complete, the man he was avoiding was waiting right at the door to his rooms. Figured. Sighing again, John asked, “What do you want, Hellboy?”

The tip of his tail was twitching, a sure sign of agitation, as Hellboy answered, “Look, I shouldn’t have been so rough on you. You got the girl out of harm, and that needed to be done.”

Wary, John replied, “Okay.”

“Can we talk about this in your room?” Hellboy asked, looking around the corridor.

Naturally. Because to be seen apologizing to John wasn’t something that would be good for the other man’s reputation. “Sure.”

He pressed his palm to the lock plate and the door slid open. Once inside, he set the file on his desk and turned to face Hellboy. Or, he started to, except he was suddenly surrounded by all six plus feet of demon, the stone arm across John’s chest and the ‘normal’ left arm over his abdomen. Startled, John couldn’t think of anything to say except, “Uh, Hellboy?”


“What’s going on?”

“I’m hugging you.”

“I can see that. Why?”

“Too damn close, John, really too damn close.”

And then he was spun around and his mouth taken in a long, devouring kiss. John squeaked in surprise and Hellboy’s tongue slid inside with proprietary ease. A gay demon? What were the odds? he thought just before losing all thought, thanks to the tail that slid between his legs and rubbed back and forth over his hardening cock.

Moaning, he sagged in Hellboy’s arms, knowing there was no chance the other man would drop him. The kiss never stopped, just broke into shorter kisses to allow John to breathe. His hands gripped a rock solid back, the skin warm to the touch and the muscles plenty to grab hold of.

This was the stuff of his fantasies and had been since joining the agency and meeting Hellboy. Before then, really, since he’d first heard of the mythical crime-fighting figure that had taken root in his imagination. He moaned again when the kiss ended only for Hellboy to suck at his neck and take the flesh between his teeth. John gasped, “Oh! Please, Hellboy, please!”

A growl filled the air and then John himself was lifted as Hellboy walked to the bed and lowered him down. “I’ve been smelling your need for months now. Wanted you, but couldn’t…everyone I love winds up dead or hurt, and I didn’t want either to happen to you. But fuck it, ‘cause I can’t live another second not having you.”

John returned the serious stare and replied, “Life is risk, Hellboy. Bad things happen, you know that. But we can’t let that stop us.”

“Not anymore,” Hellboy agreed, growling again as he knelt on the bed and leaned over John.

He ripped the shirt off, then made short work of the pants and boxers, tossing aside the material. That long tongue curled around John’s hard cock and he gasped in shock, arching into the caress. It flickered down around his balls next and his legs spread to offer more room. He was flipped onto his stomach and it was inside him a second later. The fact that John was gasping and begging for more didn’t phase him, he barely noticed through the haze of sensation.

When Hellboy’s tail entered him, John cried out in need, pushing back against it. It wasn’t like anything else he’d ever felt. The tip wriggled around inside him, brushing back and forth across his prostate until he was a shuddering, panting wreck, rubbing frantically against the blankets. He exploded in orgasm, screaming in pleasure as he fell into darkness.

Coming to, some time later, John found himself wrapped in Hellboy’s arms. His breathing was calm, which meant he’d been out for a while at least. Raising sleepy, sated eyes to Hellboy’s face, he found the other staring down at him, a smile playing over those large lips. He could feel the tail still in him, pushed deep inside, and murmured, “Organic butt-plug. Nice.”

A rumbling chuckle vibrated through Hellboy’s chest and he said, “Just making sure you’re stretched enough. How do you feel?”

John sighed deeply. “Like I want to feel you inside me. Your cock, I mean, not that the tail isn’t nice.”

Chuckling again, Hellboy replied, “Good.”

Loving how easily his lover moved him into position, the greater strength a serious turn-on, John groaned when the tail withdrew, his ass spasming and feeling far too empty.

“Easy now,” Hellboy ordered softly.

The cock at his hole gave John pause, he could feel how much bigger the head was than the few he’d taken before. But Hellboy was astonishingly gentle and worked it inside him slowly. “Still okay?”

John nodded, even as he panted through the discomfort. Hellboy moved back and forth in small increments, the massive cock sinking into John’s body inch by inch. When, finally, he was buried balls deep, John knew that he was ruined for anyone else. Having this, well, literally this monster cock inside him was going to be his standard from then on. Good thing he was in love and didn’t want anyone else. He laughed a bit and ordered, “Forever, Hellboy, promise me forever!”

Warm, large lips kissed his bare shoulder and Hellboy promised, “Forever, John.”

He sighed in a strange mix of contentment and need, and wriggled to show he wanted more. Hellboy got the message and started moving. With rolling thrusts, firm and steady, Hellboy didn’t even have to angle for his prostate. It was rubbed over with each in-stroke and within minutes, John was pushing back against the fucking, needing more.

Their movements were a concert, hard and fast, the heavier body shoving into the smaller one, which met every thrust. John came again, his voice to raw to do more than cry out hoarsely as he sprayed over the bed. Collapsing against the mattress, he moaned as Hellboy fucked him harder, the entire bed moving with it. A few more lunges and Hellboy plastered to him from behind, filling him with seed as he roared with climax.

Grateful that Hellboy hadn’t fallen on top of him, but rather to the side, John wiggled back against him, turning on his side as well. A massive arm pushed under his head as a pillow and the stone fist settled over him, planted on the bed and keeping him flush to Hellboy. The cock inside him was still hard and occasionally spit more speed into him. Yawning, he asked, “How many times do you come?”

“Until I’m soft,” Hellboy murmured, groaning and undulating against him.

John chuckled. “Lucky bastard.”

“You don’t…mind?”

“As long as I don’t get pregnant.”


“Ah, Hellboy?”

More silence.

“HB? Please tell me I can’t get pregnant.”

“Just kidding.”

“Don’t do that!”

Hellboy groaned and came again, though the release was less. He kissed John’s throat and said, “Sorry. Couldn’t resist.”

Yawning again, John said, “Try. And now, if you don’t need me anymore, I’m going to black out again.”

Chuckling, Hellboy squeezed him lightly. “Always need you, John. But sleep.”

“Mmm,” John agreed, closing his eyes.

As ways to make up from a fight, this was pretty spectacular. But then, HB always did like those flashy entrances.

Smiling at the thought, John drifted into sleep.