After taking care of business, Mohinder left the bathroom for the bedroom. Matt was already in bed, not a surprise, his bedside lamp was out and his eyes were closed. Grimacing at the stubborn silence that practically radiated from the other man, he walked over and sat on the bed. He took off his watch and laid it on his bedside table, then did the same with his glasses. Stretching out, he reached over and got comfortable, staring at the ceiling for a while.

He finally turned onto his side and asked plaintively, “Could you be angry at me tomorrow?”

Matt didn’t move or even indicate that he was awake.

“I understand that you’re upset,” Mohinder continued softly. “But I really wish that you would be angry with me tomorrow. Please, Matthew.”

Matt sighed and rolled to face him. “I really am ticked, Mohinder.”

He moved a little closer and agreed, “I know, but we never have long together. Let’s not waste the time we have.”

“Tomorrow, huh?” Matt prompted.

Mohinder smiled a bit. “And I won’t even complain.”

Closing the distance between them more, Matt snickered and informed him, “Now that I’ll take advantage of.”

Knowing that was the other man’s way of saying he was forgiven, Matt could never seem to say the words, Mohinder scooted the rest of the way until he lay flush against Matt. Strong arms surrounded him immediately, holding tight and he sighed in contentment as they reconnected silently for a few minutes. There was something about being surrounded by such strength that never failed to give him a thrill of deep satisfaction.

Matt nuzzled at his hair and murmured, “Missed you.”

“Missed you more,” Mohinder replied, just as soft.

A silly little ritual that had popped up on its own once Mohinder had started traveling for the company. Now life didn’t feel right until they’d spoken those words.

Tilting his head up, Mohinder gazed into the eyes that were now so familiar to him. Matt took the hint and kissed him, slow and sweet. Mohinder’s mouth opened to it without hesitation, their tongues twining together as the kiss went on and on. By the time Matt withdrew, they both breathed heavy.

Matt rolled them so Mohinder lay on his back, settling between Mohinder’s legs with a proprietary air as he observed hoarsely, “Too long, Mohinder, too damn long.”

Mohinder kissed him again in answer, this time hungry and eager. It had, indeed, been too long since they’d had time for more than a hurried hand or blowjob. They had an entire night to do whatever they liked and he fully intended to make the most of their time together.

Breaking off the kiss, Matt shifted down so that he could lick a path from collarbone to his ear. Goosebumps erupted and Mohinder shivered in response as Matt’s teeth nipped at the fleshy part of his lobe. Not that he lingered there, unfortunately, changing directions back down to suck lightly in random spots down Mohinder’s throat. He groaned when the other man did finally linger in one spot, sucking and biting at a nipple. Mohinder gasped in pleasure and reached above his head to grab hold of the headboard, arching into the contact.

“God, I love you like that,” Matt rumbled when he finally pulled away, sounding breathless. “So long and lean. Fuckin’ perfect.”

Mohinder looked down to find Matt gazing on him with something akin to wonder. It never ceased to amaze him, just how much Matt felt for him. Or how much he felt for Matt. They fit hand in glove, balancing one another in too many ways to count. Where he was tall and slender, Matt was broad and solid. Their personalities, too, blended and countered well, his own dreams and visions tempered by Matt’s rather ruthless practicality.

Matt thrust his groin against Mohinder’s and ordered, “Stop thinkin’ or I get out the cuffs.”

A vicious shudder of pure sensation rolled over Mohinder at those words, even though he knew there was no way Matt would back them up. First time together after a long separation was always just the two of them; no toys, no distractions, nothing but skin on glorious skin and, inevitably, Matt inside Mohinder, driving them both to orgasm.

Mohinder wouldn’t have it any other way.

Returning to his former task of driving him mad with pleasure, Matt traced patterns over Mohinder’s chest as he continued further down. His hips lifted when fingers tugged at his boxers, allowing their easy removal. Why he’d bothered to wear them in the first place was a mystery. It wasn’t as though Matt would have truly denied him.

And then Matt’s mouth encircled his penis, banishing thoughts altogether as he was surrounded by the wet moistness of his lover’s mouth. Moaning, he tried to push deeper, but Matt easily held him down with an arm across his hips. The last time, he’d at least been able to move a bit. A bit startled by the extra strength, he gasped, “How much are you working out these days? You shouldn’t strain yourself too much. It hasn’t been that long since the surgeries.”

Matt pulled off long enough to order, “Shut up, Mohinder,” before resuming his sucking and going down.

It didn’t, unfortunately, last nearly long enough. Just as he was sure that orgasm would find him, Matt stopped and it receded.

Groaning in disappointment, Mohinder complained, “I need to come, Matthew!”

Matt chuckled and replied, “Oh, you will. You’re just gonna have to work for it a little.”

Mohinder sighed, “Bastard.”

“Among other things,” Matt agreed comfortably.

Rolling to his side so he could watch as Matt climbed off the bed to strip, Mohinder took the opportunity to regain his equilibrium. He also observed the changes in his lover’s body. With the t-shirt off, he saw that there was far greater definition than before. The solid mass was now solid muscle, though not in an ugly, bodybuilder kind of way. It was far more natural than that. Once the boxers were gone, Mohinder noted the flex of thigh and calf muscles with a distinct sense of anticipation. They’d tried a few adventurous positions before, but hadn’t been able to maintain them for very long. Now, though…

“You look like that cat that ate the canary.”

Mohinder grinned at him. “I do believe I shall be, shortly.”

Matt laughed out loud and wagged a finger at him. “I get to play first, mister. On your back, buddy, so I can have my wicked way with you.”

“Well, when you put it like that,” Mohinder teased.

Climbing back onto the bed to kneel over him, Matt rubbed his hands slowly along Mohinder’s abdomen. Just like that, the mood shifted from light to sensual. Mohinder sighed, relaxing into the massage, which is what it quickly became. Matt rubbed and stroked over Mohinder’s torso for a few minutes before indicating he should turn over. That done, he started working out the stress and tension kinks that had plagued Mohinder for the last few weeks.

Mohinder groaned in pleasure and pain as the knots were found and released. Matt took his time, strong hands moving with uncanny accuracy until Mohinder felt like nothing so much as a pool of gelatin.

The first kiss was so soft and barely-there that Mohinder didn’t even react. He definitely noticed the second and third pressed along his spine at equal intervals. And then Matt surprised him by placing one directly over the entrance to his anus. Even knowing what came next, Mohinder gasped in shock when his lover’s tongue delicately circled the hole a few times before sliding inside.

Burying his face in the pillow to muffle his noises at the extraordinary resulting pleasure, Mohinder again gripped the headboard. His legs spread of their own volition as Matt’s tongue worked its way deeper into his body. Shuddering and weak with need, Mohinder tried to find friction against the bed, but Matt pinned him in place, likely having read his mind to get his intentions. Panting, he lifted his head once to accuse, “Cheater!” before collapsing again to his lover’s ministrations.

It wasn’t long before two slick fingers replaced the tongue, probing and stretching him without mercy. He ached to move, desperate to get relief, but when he tried, Matt continued to hold him in place. He was caught, trapped between the urge to take over and give himself what he needed and trusting Matt to know and take care of him. The fierce independence drilled into him from childhood rose up, as it always did, but somehow less than before.

“That’s it, Mohinder, let me in,” Matt urged. “Let me give you what you need. Let it all go for me, baby.”

Biting the pillow, he finally just gave in, collapsing utterly to let Matt do as he would.

Matt whispered, “Oh God, yes.”

Three fingers worked to stretch him next, but Mohinder barely felt the physical under the mental and emotion blanket of love, lust, need, desire, joy. The other man might not have actual thoughts down with great consistency, but feelings were another matter; at least between the two of them.

Finally, Matt’s cock pushed inside, a slow, steady penetration that made Mohinder want to howl with need for more. But Matt never did anything without first being sure he wouldn’t hurt Mohinder. Even ‘rough’ sex between them was carefully orchestrated, something that rather drove him batty sometimes.

Just then, though, Mohinder had all he could do to just accept the hard penis. It had been almost a month since he’d been taken the last time and with Matt as his first male lover, he still had to force himself to relax.

Matt stopped once fully inside, pressed full-length over Mohinder, nuzzling and kissing the back of his neck. “God, I love you.”

“And I, you,” Mohinder echoed, twisting his hand around to lace their fingers together.

Kissing the space between Mohinder’s shoulder blades, Matt undulated within him. The movement remained gentle, even as he withdrew further each time. It seemed no time at all before he’d regained his former level of need and Mohinder struggled to just move. That was when Matt finally, finally pulled him up, onto his knees, giving him freedom of movement once more. The force of his lover’s thrusts increased, however, and Mohinder had all he could do to not fall face first onto the mattress again.

When Matt’s hand grasped Mohinder’s penis and began stroking, Mohinder nearly cried in relief. He pushed forward into the tight grip and back against the cock splitting him in two from the inside out. His body coiled, balls drawing up in anticipation until…

“Fuck!” Mohinder cried out, sheer electricity running through him. “Matthew!”

Matt bit sharply at his shoulder and kept at that angle, running over Mohinder’s prostate at least every other thrust. He pulled them upright, wrapping an arm around his waist as he humped hard and fast into Mohinder’s body. Between the hand on his penis and the cock in his hole, it didn’t take much longer before the world exploded in a multitude of colors. He vaguely heard a groan from far away as Matt’s orgasm struck seconds later and he ground down deep, filling him with come.

The world returned slowly. Mohinder smiled as he relished Matt’s weight upon him, his lover already sound asleep from the sound of it. Taking hold of a lax arm, he brought it around and sighed deeply as a sense of security overtook him. It was impossible not to feel at one with the world, as satiated as he was right then.

He’d never expected to find love in his lifetime; had scoffed at those who’d professed to know it, even his parents, in secret. The trite cards and overly-sentimental love songs had annoyed him. Now, though…now he knew what love was and felt grateful to have it. Love was friendship and desire, mingled. Love was having someone to hold you through grief. Love, was knowing that someone would never abandon you, no matter the odds.

He smiled and again laced his hand with Matt’s, kissing the back of his lover’s hand as he thought, You are mine as I am yours, Matthew. I could ask for nothing more of this life.

Matt burrowed tighter against him as if hearing him, even asleep.

Mohinder let himself drift, secure and content in his life, despite their uncertain future.