The Sentinel

Crashing Into Life - Part 4: Blair comes to a new understanding... with himself. NC18 for brief smuttiness
Found - Part 3: Bringing Jim home. R for violent themes
Found - Part 4: Jim starts to heal. R for violent themes
Follow The Evidence - Part 3:Things don't really work out that great with Naomi and Gil finds out just how unique his new family really is. NC18


Beginnings: Charlie suspects that his hard-won inner peace is about to get thrown out the window with the arrival of a new inmate: Ted Early. NC18 for m/m sex, violence, prison fic! (I may have posted this already, I wasn't sure)


Assumptions: Everyone assumed Mike was a beta, including Mike... everyone was wrong. NC18 Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics (yes, I'm trying my hand at that newish dynamic thing so let me know what you think!)
Romanology: Mike's past catches up with him in a bad, bad way. NC18 - standard romanology warnings apply


Wolf Pack - Part 4: Mac wakes up, Danny makes a bad decision, and Flack and Adam come to an understanding. NC18

Die Hard

Outnumbered: There's a very good reason why Matt didn't drop John off at the airport or pick him up when McClane tore apart Russia for his son. NC18 mpreg, angst


Five Times Someone Had a Hair Trigger and One Time They Didn't: Fandoms (in order of stories in the fic): Fastlane, The Sentinel, The Magnificent Seven, Sherlock (BBC), X:Men First Class, Inspector Lewis. Pairings: Van/Deaq, Jim/Blair, Buck/JD, John/Sherlock, Erik/Charles, Robbie/James NC18 - shmoop, bdsm, embarrassment, D/s, bondage, un-beta'd. Spoilers: non-specific for each fandom
2012 Christmas Countdown: Various fics in multiple fandoms including: Sherlock (BBC), Rizolli & ISles, The Sentinel, XMen: First Class, Grimm, CSI, Dark Knight Rises, The Eagle, Hawaii 5-O and more.


Where the Women Kick Ass... The Men are Pretty. And Love is Forever...

The stories contained in these pages have women in loving and/or lustful relationships, so if lesbian sex and strong willed women ain't your thing, go elsewhere. The stories contained in these pages have men in loving and/or lustful relationships, so if gay sex and pretty boys ain't your thing, go elsewhere. Adult heterosexual stories found herein, if this ain't your thing, go elsewhere!


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