Jethro moaned as Tony continued to suck at his hole with an eagerness none of his previous lovers, male or female, had ever exhibited. His hands clenched tight in the bottom sheet, knowing that if he let go, he’d push himself up and back, which might make Tony stop. The tongue invading him was nimble and went in a lot further than a tongue had any right to go. When Tony stopped, Jethro had to just lie there panting and limp, trying to catch his breath.

“Now’s the fun part,” Tony muttered, guttural.

Before he could ask what the other man was talking about, before he could get enough air to even fill his lungs, the blunt tip of Tony’s cock pushed into him. Jethro shuddered violently as he was filled slowly, but inexorably, with the thick, slick shaft. Tony didn’t stop until that impossible length was buried all the way in Jethro’s body. Until the heavy balls rested behind Jethro’s own. Until Tony’s complete weight pressed Jethro into the bed, pinning him to the mattress.

It was utterly unexpected and so un-fucking-believably good that Jethro could only come, spilling without true provocation onto the sheets. Still panting, Jethro grabbed a pillow and pulled it in, burying his face into the softness with an embarrassed groan.

With a wicked chuckle, Tony informed him, “Don’t worry. I’m nowhere near done with you.”

He began moving just centimeters at a time, pulling out and pushing back in with a mere hip roll. It loosened Jethro slowly, which was good, because even as relaxed as he was from the orgasm, no one had taken him in a couple of decades. The fucking was languorous and steady, Tony’s mouth sucking and biting just as…carefully…over Jethro’s back and shoulders. Jethro’s breathing returned to normal only to be driven from him on the first strike across his prostate. He yelped in surprise, jerking back hard and instinctively on the cock that had triggered the response.

“Forgot about that, did you?” Tony asked, clearly amused. “This is what happens when you don’t let anyone in. You miss out on all…the good…stuff.”

Jethro shook and moaned as Tony jabbed into him with each pause, triggering more white-outs of pleasure. His cock was hard again, rubbing against the sheet, his body over-stimulated from the way Tony had been touching and caressing and tasting it for the last couple of hours.

Thank God for an excuse of alcohol, or this would never have happened.

The fucking grew harder as the minutes wore on. Even Tony’s stamina gave way after a while and he pulled Jethro up onto his knees. Grunting with each thrust into him, one of Tony’s arms was a vise around Jethro’s waist while the other was the same over Jethro’s shoulder, holding him as firmly in place as if he were still flat on the mattress.

Fuck-toy, took on a new meaning for Jethro, but since he was enjoying it just as much, he couldn’t take offense. Even if he’d had the brain capacity to do so, which he didn’t.

His balls were pulling tight again, release sizzling along his spine, and Jethro groaned, “Harder! Jesus, Tony, fuck me harder!”

“Oh yeah,” Tony breathed, biting sharply at a shoulder.

The meaty sound of balls slapping against his ass came to Jethro over the pants and grunts, but it only added to the soundtrack also filled with soft curses and breathy moans.

“Do it, do it, come on my cock, Jethro, take all of me,” Tony ordered harshly, forehead resting on the back of Jethro’s neck as his cock dug into him.

There was one more brush over that nub inside and Jethro was gone. His body locked up and he shouted, voice cracking as he came hard enough to gray-out his vision. He was vaguely aware of Tony slamming into his body several more times before a wet heat filled him from the inside. There was a controlled fall forward and he was again pressed to the sheets, in an expanded wet spot, but didn’t have enough energy, or voice, to complain.

Tony was limp on top of him, though the flesh lodged in his body was still semi-hard as it continued to spit come into his hole. Stupid to have gone without protection, but Jethro trusted his life to Tony on the job, so why not entrust his body to him?

Undulating slightly, Tony gave a deep sigh, muttering, “I could go again right now, you’re so fuckin’ tight and perfect, but you haven’t done this in a while, have you?”

Jethro chuckled, now that he had the air for it, and confirmed, “A long while.”

“Right,” Tony sighed, nuzzling at the side of his throat. “Time to leave heaven, at least for a little while.”

Wincing when Tony pulled his cock free, his ass was already complaining, Jethro shifted onto his side and then his back. Looking at Tony, he asked, “You going to stick around?”

To his surprise, Tony nimbly rolled over him, without actually touching him, and spooned up from the side. Draping an arm over Jethro’s waist like he’d been doing it for years, Tony yawned and said, “I am not moving until we have to get up for work.”

Jethro lightly thumped Tony on the back of the head. “Tomorrow’s Saturday. We don’t have work for another two days.”

Flashing him a brilliant, if sleepy grin, Tony agreed impudently, “I know.”

Not entirely surprised by the brazen self-confidence, Jethro just grinned and shook his head, reaching over to turn off the light.