Stand Alone Stories

History:Tony finds out something about Gibbs' past that really is "need to know." R, angst, language spoilers: thru current season
Control: Tony just wanted to give up some control...too bad he gave it to the wrong man. NC18 Non-con, violence, angst, language, D/s. A/N: thanks to my partner in crime, Juli! this is all her fault, er, idea. she lobbed the opener at me and we just kinda never stopped playing tag. or, not for a long time anyhow! *snicker*
Without a Word: Life changes often happen without a word. PG13
Secrets: Some things should be taken to the grave. R warnings: dark!fic
Snapshots: Tony's life in the form of a movie. R, angst
Dispersion: Gibbs helps Tony get rid of some nervous energy. R
Cuddles: Abby reflects on cuddling. R - m/f/m, threesom
Question: Tony has an important question for Gibbs. post-Hiatus. R, angst
Confrtontations & Comfort: Not all confrontations end up with someone being left. R, angst a/n: wrote this way before Hiatus. go figure, huh?
Poison Control: Gibbs teaches Tony an unpleasant lesson. G shmoop, humor
Forgiven, Not Forgotten: Tony forgives, but forgetting's another matter. R angst
Positive Reinforcement: Gibbs gives Tony a little positive reinforcement. PG13 shmoop
Sick and Tired: Gibbs comes down with the flu. PG13 shmoop
Play: Gibbs plays with Tony. warnings: playful kink, pure pwp. for blueraccoon NC18
The Last Halloween: It's the last halloween. warnings: DEATHFIC keep hankies nearby and if DEATHFICS aren't your thing, DON'T read it then come crying to me. dark and violent and depressing, but pretty good, imo. ;o)
Twilight, Redux: Ari doesn't succeed. spoilers: for Twilight
Truth or Dare: Abby and Gibbs gang up on Tony. NC18 warnings: het, threesome
Nightmares: Gibbs isn't immune. PG13
Ashes: Gibbs takes a break from life. spoilers: for Twilight
author's note: written for the NCIS ficathon.
Quote Inspiration: “You've been through the fires of hell and I know you've got the ashes to prove it.” Meat Loaf
Lessons Learned: McGee ponders life as he knew it. spoilers: for Twilight
author's note: written for the NCIS ficathon and a gen fic! *gasp* sorry, but I had nowhere else to put it. *grin*
Quote Inspiration: “I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” Bill Cosby
Happy Fourth of July: Tony goes to The Mall for the Fourth of July, which is where Gibbs finds him. spoilers: for Twilight
12 Hours: A deadly virus is unleashed on DC and spreads to the surrounding states with mayhem and death resulting. warnings: this is a zombie fic so expect the following - MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH, violence, angst, bad language, m/m sex

author's note: Had a strange dream wherein Tony and Greg (from CSI) were running from zombies (among other things) and no, I haven't seen Land of the Dead yet. *grin* this is based off of that dream and yes, an xover with CSI.

Never Again: Gibbs makes a vow. spoilers: for SWAK
Elevator: Tony and Kate spend a jumpy day, waiting for the ax to fall. spoilers for Eye for an Eye
Falsely Accused: Tony meets up with the detectives of New York's SVU squad the hard way. R warnings: mentions of rape, bad language, f/f and m/m interaction. author's note: this actually came about over the course of a few weeks of bunny swapping/encouraging with blueracoon and the last episode of NCIS popped up a bunch of tony-threads w/undercover girls. throw in a twisted author and here's the result. poor tony. *pets tony*
Out of Order: Jethro's life is completely out of order with Tony in it, but he likes it that way. NC17
Look, Don't Touch: Gibbs gives Tony a taste of his own medicine, and then some. NC17
Valentine's Day: Kate sees something that she shouldn't...Valentine's Day, Gibbs' style. NC17
Overwhelmed: Tony decides that Gibbs needs to let go for a while...whether he wants to, or not. warnings: serious BDSM in this one as well as mild non-con. don't read if that's not your bag, baby! NC17
Shades of Love: When a Marine dies outside the Oval Office, NCIS is brought in to find out what happened.

author's note: talk about messing with timelines. *grin* Okay. In this verse, Sam lost the election and promptly returned to the WW and his old job. Will is still there, though, even though Sam's come back. spoilers: anything and everything for both series up to the current season of WW which I'm ignoring. warnings: het as well as slash, but nothing graphic in either case. pairings: CJ/Gibbs, Tony/Gibbs, CJ/Danny Rated R.

Safer, And Better: Kate gives Tony some dating advice, which Gibbs overhears. warnings: shmoop and sex. NC17
Not All Presents Are Under The Tree:Christmas shmoop of the most appalling nature. I'll have to call a femslash warning for this one, as well, though it's mild. R
Trick or Treat:Tony has a very scary pre-Halloween. R
Recovery:Ducky and Gerald talk after Gerald's shooting in Bete Noir. PG
In The Wrong:Gibbs tries to figure out what he did wrong...again. NC17 spoilers for See No Evil!!
Connection:Tony and Gibbs connect after Ari is revealed to be on their side. NC17
Absolution:Gibbs gives Tony something he needs in a very unexpected way.warnings:BDSM in a big way so don't read if that's not your thing! also, spoilers for Missing and Dead Man Talking, Split Decision, bad language, angst. NC17
Pigtails:Tony discovers that Gibbs really can be a bastard sometimes. warnings: spoilers for Missing and Dead Man Talking, bad language, angst. R
Undercover: Gibbs goes undercover for a long, dangerous assignment and has to leave Tony behind, at least temporarily.warnings: spoilers for Missing, Dead Man Talking, Split Decision, Reveille, sex and bad language, angst. NC17
Theme Song: Tony finds his and Gibbs' theme song. warnings: shmoop and sex. NC17
Conversations: Tony's upset about what he finds when he gets back to NCIS after his kidnapping and Gibbs has a little...conversation with him to clear things up. warnings: spoilers for Missing and Dead Man Talking, bad language, angst. R