There was every possibility that Mike had become paranoid; more paranoid, as the case may be, really. He'd never stopped thinking that someone could find out at any time that he hadn't really graduated from Harvard or any law school. After Jessica had found out, his nerves had grown ever more taut with the expectation that someone who didn't have Harvey's best interests at heart would discover their secret.

This morning's paranoia, though, had to do with strangers staring at him with an intensity that made Mike feel like he was on a menu. Being sick didn't help. He’d woken up hot and sweaty and barely able to move, but knowing there was no way he could miss work. And if he infected Louis, well, that would be a bonus. His reaction time felt like it was down by half and that made his insecurity shoot through the roof after leaving his apartment and encountering all the stares. By the time he got to Pearson Hardman, his nerves were completely shot and he was ready to shake to pieces from the fever that seemed to be climbing higher every time some stranger touched him, bumped into him.

At one scary point, a guy cornered him in the elevator on his way up to the office. He leaned in, both arms on the walls beside Mike’s head and scented Mike. All Mike could do was stand there, stiff and bewildered until the doors pinged open. He bolted under the big alpha's arms into the office and the man followed him. Mike hurried down the hall, looking over his shoulder to make sure the psycho got back on the elevator. Thankfully, he did. Of course, that was when he ran headlong into Louis and they crashed into the nearest wall.

“What is wrong with you?” Louis demanded as they separated.

Mike tugged at his tie, trying to get some kind of breathing room, and said, “Sorry, I'm sick. I should've stayed home, right?”

Louis' gaze sharpened and his nostrils flared like he was scenting Mike. A smirk surfaced and he said, “Not unless you're on death's door, which as you well know, you're not. As a matter of fact, I think today's your turn to go out and get every associate coffee. Make sure you go to the place two blocks down and I want a macchiato blended, got it?”

Mike gritted his teeth. “Got it.”

Louis' smirk grew and he just about sauntered down the hall towards the associates' area.

Mike rolled his eyes and headed towards Harvey's office. The alpha could be counted on to find him something to do that took way more precedence than a coffee run. When he arrived, though, Harvey was shouting at someone on the phone. Mike winced at the unusual sight and looked at Donna, who hadn't yet looked up from her computer screen, fingers clacking at about a hundred words a minute over the keyboard. “Who's the poor schlub on the other end of the phone?”

Donna's fingers stopped and she slowly lifted her eyes to Mike, her nose flaring just like everyone else he'd come across that morning. “Rookie, is there something you want to tell me?”

Mike scowled. “I showered this morning, why is everyone acting like I stink? I know I'm a little under the weather, but I don't think I'm contagious or anything.”

Donna's eyes widened and she stood up. “Mike, seriously. Do you not know what's happening right now?”

“I know that I'm about ready to develop a serious inferiority complex about how I smell,” Mike retorted. “Should I go home and shower again? What?”

“Mike! Get in here!” Harvey shouted from his desk. “Now!”

Donna grabbed Mike by the collar before he could move and yanked him towards her while spraying something in his face. It smelled like old lady perfume and he sneezed repeatedly. She kept hold of him while she walked around her desk, pulling him with her.

“What the hell, Donna?” Mike exclaimed, rubbing at his stinging eyes.

Harvey glared at her as she dragged Mike into Harvey's office. “What the hell, Donna?”

Donna closed the door behind them and pushed Mike further into the office with one hand and continued to spray him with the perfume with her other. “Mike's an omega and he's in heat.”

Mike gaped at her outrageous statement and then burst out laughing. “Nice one.”

But Harvey and Donna didn't laugh, so his tapered off. Donna shoved him towards the desk and he stumbled, catching himself at the last second.

Harvey stalked around his desk and right into Mike's personal space. This wasn't anything new, but the intensity of his gaze was. Mike froze, feeling like prey as those dark eyes devoured him. Harvey leaned in and almost pressed his nose to Mike's pulse point as he breathed in. The fever that had lurked all morning spiked and unexpected arousal shot through him at the same time he broke out into an actual sweat.

Harvey jerked back, eyes wide. “Jesus Christ, Mike! Why didn't you say anything?”

Panic simmered close to a boil and Mike exclaimed, “About what? I'm not an omega and I'm definitely not in heat!”

“Oh my God. He doesn't know. Harvey! He doesn't know!”

“Yes, Donna, I can see that. Mike, sit.”

Mike sat where Harvey deposited him on the sofa and pulled his legs up, hugging them to his chest. Harvey thought he was an omega. Harvey would know. Harvey wouldn’t screw around about this. Mike’s entire world upended and he struggled to find something to hold onto in a suddenly unknown world. The fever had shifted into chills, probably a combination of emotional shock and the trauma of his first heat.

Information that he'd gotten in high school and thought didn't apply to him flashed through his mind: first heats usually lasted three to five days; they generally occurred between the ages of sixteen and eighteen; the longer an omega went without a natural heat, the worse the experience became; if an omega didn't have a natural heat by the age of twenty, then one was induced; if no heat occurred by the time an omega was twenty-three, they almost always became sterile.

“Mike? Mike, breathe, come on. Breathe for me.”

Mike gasped in air when Harvey's voice finally penetrated. He looked over at the alpha sitting next to him and said helplessly, “What do I do?”

Harvey gripped his shoulder and squeezed tight, but brief. “I'll fix this, Mike. We’re calling a specialist. In the meantime, Donna's already on her way to get suppressants. There's no way you can go through your first heat at this age and not need help. How the hell did you not know you were an omega?”

Mike opened and closed his mouth a few times. He hadn't even noticed Donna leave during his meltdown. “I have no idea. I mean, my parents died before I hit puberty and my grandmother must have assumed I was a beta. I did. Everyone did.”

“What about check-ups?” Harvey asked, his voice surprisingly gentle. “Didn't the doctors do any blood work?”

Mike nodded. “Yeah, but...just for regular stuff. School stuff. We didn't have insurance, so it was just mandated stuff covered by the state. Inoculations and shit. I guess, I guess everyone just assumed.”

Harvey chuckled, the sound as warm as it was startling. Mike met his gaze again as Harvey said, “Trust you to blow every curve there is, Mike.”

Mike snorted, feeling a little better emotionally. Then anger sparked through him and he said, “That asshole!”

Harvey's eyebrows lifted. “Which asshole?”

“Louis. He smelled me and figured this out but was going to send me on a coffee run anyhow. Do you know what could have happened? I mean, I already almost got mauled by some alpha in the elevator coming up!”

Harvey growled and the low, menacing sound raised the hairs on the back of Mike's neck. He'd never heard the sound before. No matter how pissed at someone Harvey got, he kept control. Harvey's fingers wrapped around Mike's wrist and held almost too-tight. “You go nowhere without me until this is over. I'll protect you. You're my associate.”

Mike's kink for submission suddenly made a hell of a lot more sense and it also reared its ugly head at Harvey's possessive tone. He swallowed against a dry throat and bit back what was sure to be an embarrassing, needy sound.

Donna returned and said, “Dr. Frank Randolph is the best and you've got an appointment as soon as you can get there. I've already called Ray and given him the address. He's out front waiting.”

Harvey stood and tugged Mike to his feet as he asked, “Suppressants?”

“Dr. Randolph said no.”

Harvey growled again and pulled Mike against him.

Donna's eyes widened and then she grinned. “Right. Like I didn't predict this, oh, months ago.”

“Shut up, Donna,” Harvye muttered.

Mike blamed his sluggishness for not being able to follow the conversation. He said, plaintive, “Can we go? I'm really hot and I want to wash off this old lady perfume. It's giving me a headache.”

Donna glared at him. “Hey! That's expensive perfume!”

Harvey smirked a little and said, “We're going, Mike. Donna, cancel everything. I'll call and let you know what's going on,” as he pulled Mike out of the office.

Mike followed obediently and thought vaguely that Harvey should enjoy it while he could because it wasn't going to happen again. He might have to go through this heat, but that didn't mean he had to do it more than once. That’s what suppressants were for.

* * * *

There were even more stares and a few growls on the short trip to the car. It was somewhat surreal to have Harvey snarling at strangers and baring his teeth all while in his perfectly pressed suit and tie. Mike did his part by staying close to the alpha, not wanting to start a brawl by appearing unwilling.

Dr. Randolph's office was in Manhattan, as expected. It was a gleaming high-rise, also as expected. What Mike didn't expect was for the nurse to greet him by name and usher him immediately into an exam room.

Harvey didn't look happy about being separated, but only said, “Shout if you need me.”

He'd only been sitting on the exam bed in his paper johnnie for a few minutes when the doctor arrived with two female nurses. Frank Randolph was a slender man with light brown hair, placid brown eyes, and an air of comfort and security that settled over Mike like a blanket. “Morning, Mr. Ross. I hear we have a highly unusual situation on our hands here. Care to tell me about it?”

Mike spent the next hour and forty minutes going over his family and medical history in detail while one nurse checked over his vitals and took multiple blood samples, the doctor wrote everything down, and the other nurse just took up space against the far wall. It wasn't until halfway through that he realized she was a chaperone and likely an omega herself. One of the relatively new laws: an unbonded omega in heat always had to have another omega present during medical procedures for the unbonded omega's protection.

Oh my God, he thought, dazed. I'm an unbonded omega.

Talk about a late bloomer.

* * * *

Harvey didn’t pace. His fingers tapped an impatient beat against his thigh and he glared at the receptionist on the other side of the glass, but he didn’t pace. The receptionist ignored him and eventually, he turned his glare on his watch and then his smartphone, angrily typing demands to Donna about, “How long does this take, anyhow?” and “They better not be touching him inappropriately,” and “I’m going in there if he’s not out in five minutes.”

Donna’s replies were, invariably, “Calm down.”

Finally, the door opened and the nurse said, “Mr. Spector? If you would come with me?”

Harvey stood and walked back with her to an office where Mike sat waiting with a man and a woman. The scent of him, rich and ripe, almost overwhelmed Harvey and he had to stop at the door to keep control of himself. Years of conditioning to ignore all and any omega pheromones almost had no impact because this was Mike who’d gotten under and around every rule Harvey had ever created.

Finally in control, Harvey walked to sit in the chair next to Mike’s and looked at the man behind the desk. “Dr. Randolph?”

The man nodded and reached a hand out to him. They shook and he said, “It great to finally meet you, Mr. Spector. I’ve heard… interesting things about you.”

Ignoring the opening, Harvey asked, “What’s going on with Mike? Is he okay?”

“I’m right here,” Mike grumbled.

Harvey frowned at him and then turned his attention back to the doctor.

Dr. Randolph smiled briefly and said, “Mike is fine. He’s still about a day away from actual heat, so we’ve got plenty of time to get him set up in a proper isolation unit with everything he needs.”

Harvey blinked a couple of times and then repeated, “Isolation unit?”

Dr. Randolph nodded. “Of course. Mike is twenty-six, almost twenty-seven, an unheard of age for a first heat. I’m speculating that the malnutrition, repeated use of narcotics, and the lack of significant interaction with any alphas is what retarded his development as an omega.”

There was so much disturbing information there that Harvey didn’t know where to begin. He looked at Mike, but the younger man refused to meet his gaze. He’d known Mike was thin when they’d first met, and of course he’d known about the pot, but this put things in a much darker view. ‘Narcotics’ covered a whole hell of a lot. Harvey glanced back at the doctor and said, “Give us a minute.”

Dr. Randolph nodded and left the room, but the woman didn’t leave. Before he could snarl at her, Mike said hurriedly, “She can’t leave, Harvey, it’s the law. I’m, I’m unbonded.”

Harvey gritted his teeth, but then ignored the woman entirely. He took hold of Mike’s arm and said, “Malnutrition? Tell me.”

Mike flushed and said, “We were poor, Harvey, you know that. I skated by on school lunches and mooching off of Jenny and Trevor, but for a kid my height, well, you know. Grammy did the best she could, but she was on a fixed income and my parents’ money ran out by the time I was fourteen. I got a couple part-time jobs, but it wasn’t much. And I moved out as soon as I could so Grammy would be able to live a decent life of her own. I took care of myself.”

Harvey bit back the, “Apparently not,” that really wanted to get loose. Donna would be proud of him. He took a breath instead and said, “Okay. Water under the bridge. You’re not doing drugs anymore, you’ve got food now, and for the last year you’ve been exposed to some significant alphas on a regular basis. Understandable that your omega hormones finally kicked in. What’s he mean by ‘isolation room?’”

A flush crept along the back of Mike’s neck and up to his ears. He cleared his throat and said, “To um, observe me. You know. During. Make sure I don’t have a heart attack or stroke or whatever. They’ve got alphas medically certified as clean that I can choose from or I can, can use manual aides even though it would drag things out because, you know.”

Right. No semen, no mating, no knot, which meant a longer heat. Harvey gritted his teeth again and said, “Do they have to observe you?”

“Yeah, kinda. I mean, it’s a medical thing now. I guess if I was with an experienced alpha, or someone who wanted to bond with me, it would be different, but I’m not.”

But he could be, whispered a treacherous voice in Harvey’s mind. He forced a smile and said, “At least this didn’t happen while Trevor was still around.”

If it had, he might’ve had to kill the devious little bitch.

Mike huffed out a darkly amused laugh and said, “Thank God for small favors. Or, you know, huge ones in this case. Harvey… I’m really scared here.”

Harvey responded instantly to the tremor in Mike’s voice. He shifted in the chair and gripped Mike’s shoulder tight. “You’re going to be fine, Mike, I promise.”

“You can’t make that promise!” Mike exclaimed, breaking loose. He stood and paced away before whirling back. “You can’t make that promise because you won’t be there. You won’t have anything to do with it and I’m going to be with some strange guy I don’t know who’s, who’s going to knot me and I don’t, I don’t know what to expect and I can’t stop thinking about all the bio texts I read and Jesus, I think I’m going to pass out.”

Harvey waited for Mike to run out of steam before walking over to him. His gut had clenched at the word ‘knot’ and his inner alpha snarled against the control he forced it under as Mike’s words grew more frantic when all he wanted to do was blanket Mike under him and protect him and keep him away from any and all takers. It wasn’t, unfortunately, his place to do so. Mike worked for him and it would be a serious breach of all his ethics to even make a play for him while not in heat. To do it now would be unconscionable.

“No one is going to make you do anything you’re not ready to do.” Harvey’s tone brooked no argument. “Whatever you want, that’s what’s going to happen.”

Mike bit his lip and stared at the floor for a long minute. “What if… what if I want you?”

Harvey’s heart nearly stopped; it certainly skipped a couple of beats. “Mike, you don’t know what you’re saying here. All these hormones and the strangeness of finding out you’re an omega… it’s messing with your mind.”

Mike glared at him with some of his usual fire. “Thanks for thinking I have no brain now that I’m suddenly an omega to you.”

“Mike, that’s not it.”

“Yeah? Then why assume I don’t know what I want if I say I want you?”

The challenge was definitely back. Harvey was both grateful and irritated. “Because I’m the only alpha you know and trust, Mike. I can’t abuse that.”

“I trust Jessica and she’s way more alpha than you.”

Mike and Harvey both winced at the same time, though presumably for different reasons.

At least he didn’t say Rachel, Harvey thought with a sigh. “So why didn’t you say anything before, if this isn’t an omega thing?”

Mike grimaced and rubbed fingers through his hair, bristling the short blond strands up further. “Because I thought I was a beta. Betas and alphas don’t mix on your end of the social scale, I don’t care what beta rights have done in the last thirty years. If you can’t make a kid, you don’t have a chance with an alpha in your strata. Anything that might’ve happened between us would’ve been a, a fling and I didn’t want just a fling with you Harvey.”

Unfortunate, but true in most cases. Mike failed to remember who he was dealing with though. Harvey couldn’t care less about what other people thought. If he’d had any inkling that Mike had wanted to be more than his associate, Harvey would’ve sent him to Jessica for a lecture in employee/boss relationships and then put a claim on him, beta or not.

Harvey closed the distance between them and, mindful of their chaperone, said, “If you want me, Mike, I’m yours. But you have to know one thing… I don’t play well with others and I don’t share. Once you’re mine, that’s it.”

Mike quirked a grin at him, blue eyes practically sparkling. “Just so you know, that’s three things that mean the same thing.”

It took a few seconds to place what sounded like a quote and then he grumbled, “The West Wing? Really? When did we shift to television?”

Mike’s grin shifted into an all-out smile that threatened to dissolve all of Harvey’s control then and there. Then he looked behind Harvey to the nurse and said, “I think we’re ready to go home now.”

Harvey took his hand and laced their fingers together and tugging Mike in so he was flush against him. He pressed his face to Mike’s throat and breathed him in through Donna’s ridiculous perfume, getting to the root of him. All in all, he was already home. The location didn’t really matter.

* * * *

In the end, Dr. Randolph refused to allow Mike to go completely unobserved. There was too great a risk for him to have some kind of medical incident going through a first heat at such an age. Mike kept waiting for Harvey to pull out, that mating in front of others was just a step too far. Instead, he nodded seriously and negotiated for an isolated setting with a medical call button and personnel available outside the room in case of emergency.

They went to an isolation room in a nearby hospital where Dr. Randolph had privileges. It was thankfully minus the two-way glass and had no cameras. The room was outfitted in a comfortably large bed with utilitarian bedding and a tiny bathroom with a shower stall. Harvey took one look at it and turned back to Dr. Randolph with, “Unacceptable.”

Mike watched, bemused, as he called Donna and said, “The Four Seasons suite. Yes. Definitely. Have them grab the suite next door for medical personnel. Good. One hour, Donna, no later. Good.” Harvey gave the doctor a thin smile and continued, “I assume an hour is long enough to gather whatever medical equipment and personnel you need. Mike, let's go.”

Mike didn't have much choice, since Harvey's arm around his waist pulled him away from the room and doctor. He gave Dr. Randolph a sheepish look and called back, “See you there!” as Harvey walked him around the corner.

There were a lot more growls as they left the hospital to where Ray had double parked outside. Someone actually put a hand on Mike when they reached the car. Harvey moved so fast that Mike didn't even see what happened, just that some guy was laid out on the pavement clutching a busted nose.

Harvey pushed Mike into the car and slammed the door shut once they were both inside. “Four Seasons, Ray. Step on it.”

“On it, boss,” Ray said through the speakers. The glass had been up all day, which had surprised Mike at first. He hadn't realized the driver was an alpha; Ray had seemed much too easy-going.

Mike glanced over at Harvey, who sat a good foot away in his usual spot. He frowned and said, “I'm over here, you know. You could, oh I don't know, kiss me or something.”

Harvey'd dark eyes met his and Mike's breath caught at the fierceness therein. In a low voice, Harvey said, “If I start kissing you, I'm not going to stop until I claim you and that's not going to happen in the backseat of a car; not even as nice a one as this. Not the first time, anyhow.”

Mike swallowed heavily, his throat dry again, and saw Harvey's gaze drop to his throat. He shivered in reaction to both the words and promise in them. The endless car ride was silent after that. Mike did his best to fight his instincts, which were telling him to plaster himself to Harvey and beg. Since he managed to keep his hands and body to himself, he figured it was a job well done.

The car finally stopped and Harvey gave Mike a warning finger to stay put before stepping out and looking around. The sidewalk was bizarrely empty and the doorman wore a surgical mask as he ushered them in. Harvey's arm wrapped around Mike's waist again and he maintained the contact through the empty lobby into the elevator. Once the doors closed, Mike said, “Okay, where was everyone?”

Harvey smirked and said, “Money buys a lot of privacy, rookie, I thought you knew that.”

Mike rolled his eyes. “There's privacy and then there's blocking off the Four Seasons, Harvey. How much money do you have, anyhow?”

“Enough,” Harvey said, dark eyes twinkling.

The elevator pinged open into the suite and Mike gaped at the opulence surrounding them as Harvey tugged him into the main room. And then it hit him... he was alone with Harvey.

Harvey seemed to come to that same conclusion because he yanked Mike in close and then just stopped, a hair's breadth from his mouth. They shared air and Mike shivered, closing his eyes, unable to focus on the man who held him, the man who'd become his entire world so damn easily. When Harvey's mouth finally touched his, it was soft and warm, coaxing Mike's lips open instead of demanding.

Mike groaned and opened to the kiss, gripping the back of Harvey's belt and tilting his head for better access. The fire that had plagued him all day spiraled out of control and Mike shuddered with a need so desperate that he honest-to-God whimpered, fingers spasming around Harvey's belt.

Harvey broke the kiss and said, “Easy, Mike, it's going to be okay. Come on. Let's get in the shower and wash off that awful perfume.”

Mike didn't care about any perfume and said, “I really just want you to fuck me right now, Harvey.”

Harvey grinned faintly and said, perfectly serious, “You really don't. Trust me, Mike, okay? Let me do this right, because we're only going to have one first time together.”

Mike's lips twitched and then he guffawed, laughing so hard he bent over. When the laughter finally stopped, he found Harvey grinning at him, lounging against the wall. “Thanks. I needed that.”

Harvey winked and then said, “Shower. Now. I'm starting to get a headache from that damn stuff.”

“On the plus side, if she hadn't thought fast, we would've had a lot more problems than just one broken nose,” Mike pointed out as they walked to the bathroom. He blinked in shock at the tiled monstrosity of wealth that was the bathroom complete with sunken hot tub and separate, double-sized, glass-encased shower. “Holy God. I've found Nirvana.”

Harvey snickered and said, “Strip.”

“Romance is dead,” Mike quipped.

But Harvey was already pulling off his tie, so Mike didn't hesitate to get undressed. He had a lot of personal insecurities, but his body wasn't one of them. He was lean and strong enough to match any beta and took pride in that. Harvey, on the other hand, was solid, compact muscle and Mike stared as each part of him was revealed. He licked his lips as Harvey stepped out of black silk boxers without any hint of shame or hesitation and then stood up straight, staring right back at Mike.

Jesus, Mike thought staring at the thick, uncut cock hanging between Harvey’s legs. No wonder the man always had supermodels on his arm.

Harvey left him there to start the shower, fixing the temperature to something steamy but not too hot. He turned back and held out a hand. “You coming?”

“I sure hope so,” Mike answered honestly.

Harvey rolled his eyes, but another grin hovered and he laced their fingers together before pulling Mike under the spray. The heat relaxed him almost instantly, even though having Harvey so close was like something always just on the edge of his perception. Harvey solved that by taking hold of Mike's shoulders and massaging them. He then proceeded to take Mike apart with a massage that should have been done lying down, given how weak his legs were by the end of it. Harvey sat Mike on the small, marble bench and then washed his hair with slow, strong scrapes of his fingers and nails over Mike's scalp that made him moan in pure pleasure.

Mike didn't notice the water turning off at first, he was so out of it. He only noticed because Harvey wrapped him in a warm, fluffy towel and slowly rubbed him dry, ending with his hair and another scalp massage through the towel.

Harvey wrapped Mike in a black robe that was just as soft as the towel and then took one for himself. He cupped Mike's face, tilting it slightly and Mike looked at him. Whatever Harvey saw there made him smile, just a little, but it was the sweetest smile Mike had ever seen the other man give. It made him melt, more than a little, and he wrapped his arms around Harvey, burying his face against the older man's throat and mumbling, “God, I love you,” without meaning to.

He froze, waiting for recriminations, but Harvey just squeezed him and said softly, “Love you too, Mike. C'mon. You need to eat something.”

Mike sagged in Harvey's arms for a few minutes before he managed to pull himself free. Of course, that was when Harvey decided he just had to kiss Mike and they stood there, making out in the bathroom for an endless time. It wasn't until Mike was squirmy hot again that Harvey pulled away and said, “Food.”

Mike scowled and said, “I'm going to get blue balls, here, Harvey.”

Harvey grinned. “No, no you're not. Feeling a little damp yet, Mike?”

Mike frowned and then realized that he was, and in a very embarrassing place.

Harvey's grin widened and he said, “I fully plan to eat more than just dinner tonight, but right now I do need food. Come on.”

It wasn't a huge surprise to find dinner already set on the table, hidden under those silver dome things. Mike was a little surprised to find steak on his plate, though, even with the accompanying vegetables that Harvey always forced on him when they ate together.

Harvey quirked an eyebrow at him. “I”m sorry, did you expect oysters and chocolate? I didn't realize you were a girl now, too.”

Mike snickered and dug into the truly awesome steak that had been cooked just the way he liked it. He made a note to find that creepy just as soon as he wasn't comfortably stuffed to the gills. The wine that went along with dinner relaxed him even further and despite the constant flush of heat running inside him, he was almost sleepy when the meal ended.

They sat on the insanely comfortable sofa after, watching tv on a flatscreen with Mike stretched out, his head on Harvey’s lap. Harvey seemed to have fixated on Mike’s head for some reason, because he was back to running his fingers through Mike’s hair. It was a soothing, gentle caress that soon had Mike half-asleep while the evening news rambled on about world events he couldn’t care less about just then.

At some point, he felt Harvey lift him up and into his arms, curled up over the older man’s lap with his head on a surprisingly comfortable shoulder. He dozed there for a long time, feeling safe and cherished with Harvey’s arms around him and soft kisses pressing now and again to his temple or the top of his head.

When Harvey stood up, he kept hold of Mike instead of waking him fully from his doze. There was the sensation of being carried and then he was carefully deposited onto something else that was sinfully soft. He mumbled a protest when Harvey almost woke him with a literal disrobing, but Harvey was efficient and soon settled onto the bed beside him. Mike hummed in contentment as he was again gathered up and Harvey wrapped around him completely, their legs twining together and his body shielding Mike from any possible harm.

Mike fell deeply asleep within moments.

* * * *

Harvey wasn't sure what woke him, but he froze awake, alert for danger. The silence of the suite echoed back to him as he lay there waiting and finally, he rolled lightly out of the bed to check the other part of the suite. It was empty, but he scented Dr. Randolph and spotted a new smartphone in plain sight on the table. He picked it up along with a note that said, “Dial 1 for medical assistance at any time for anything. There will be around the clock care just next door.” It wasn't Donna's writing, so he figured the doctor had hand delivered both items.

He walked over and double-checked the locks, which were in place, and slid the chain in place for extra measure. Even though the whole suite was under electronic lockdown, sometimes the old-fashioned methods were the most soothing.

Harvey took the smartphone back with him to the bedroom. He stopped just outside the door and breathed in the unexpectedly lush pheromones drifting out of the room. A soft moan alerted him to the next phase of Mike's heat. He walked into the bedroom and shut that door, too, locking it for added measure. They were both going to be out of it for at least twenty-four hours and he didn't want to worry about security.

His body tightened in response to his mate's increased need and his cock hardened almost halfway just from breathing Mike in at a distance. Harvey licked his lips and closed his eyes to savor the scent for a few seconds before climbing back onto the bed. Mike had thrown off the covers in his agitation and lay naked and gorgeous in the moonlight. He slept on his side, almost on his stomach, with one leg drawn up in subconscious invitation.

Harvey slid a hand slowly down Mike's side, wiping away a faint sheen of sweat and watching as the frown on the younger man's face smoothed out a little. Mike sighed and it sounded like Harvey's name, sending a thrill through him. Harvey continued the slow caress until reaching the firm flesh of Mike's ass. He felt along the center and bared his teeth in primal satisfaction at the wetness he encountered.

Mike moaned when Harvey's finger pushed slowly inside him, grinding down against the mattress in his need. It was wet and ready, but tight, just what Harvey would have expected from a beta male who'd only had sex recently with women. Not that there couldn't have been pegging going on, he supposed, but both Jenny and Rachel seemed pretty straightforward women. Another reason they'd been all wrong for Mike.

He's mine now, Harvey thought viciously, they even look at him again and I'll ruin them both.

He leaned in and nipped at Mike's throat, just a tease, and whispered, “Mike, wake up.”

Mike ground down again and mumbled, “Harvey?”

Harvey was almost fully hard by then, his cock eager to replace his fingers. “Wake up, Mike, it's time.”

Mike finally woke up, his whole body stiffening into an unwelcome line of, 'go away,' aimed right at Harvey. He rolled over, displacing Harvey's hand, and turned wide, unsure eyes on him. Mike squirmed, legs tightening together, and said, “Harvey, I can't do this. This is, it feels wrong.”

Harvey kissed him then, soft and sweet and asking for everything Mike had to give. This would be conquest by inches, and Harvey knew it. As much as Mike's body knew what it wanted, Mike hadn't been raised to be anything but competitive and in-charge. If he was a 'normal' omega, Harvey would order his submission with a strong tone and firm hands. Mike was a beta in his mind, though, and would have to be coaxed into giving in.

Mike melted into the kiss and Harvey stretched out beside him again, sliding an arm under his waist. Once Mike was fully involved in the kiss, Harvey rolled them so he was lying on top, his weight pressing Harvey into the mattress. Mike's legs felt to either side of Harvey's hips and he undulated against him, gasping into the kiss. Harvey's hands massaged hard over Mike's back and down to his ass.

Mike's head threw back and he moaned, grinding down on Harvey. He hissed, “Yes, more of that,” and pushed back into the strong grip.

Harvey stretched up and bit Mike's lower lip with a growl. “You don't tell me what to do, puppy.”

Mike shuddered violently against him, pre-come spurting between them.

Harvey grinned wolfishly at the involuntary response and rolled them without warning. He leaned on his hands and stared down at Mike, who was panting, open-mouthed. Harvey rubbed their cocks together and said, “You take what I give you, when I give it, understood?”

It wasn't really a question, not in that tone, but Mike nodded rapidly and gasped, “Anything, anything, Harvey, please. Please, I need, I need...”

Harvey took his mouth in a savage kiss, unable to hold back any longer. He thrust his tongue into Mike's mouth and learned the taste of him, thrilling to the way Mike didn't put up any kind of resistance.

Mike's legs wrapped around his waist and he arched up, seeking even more contact. Harvey reached back and pulled his legs up, shifting him away just enough to grab pillows and shove them under Mike's hips without breaking the kiss. They were both panting by the time Harvey pushed two fingers easily into his ass. Mike cried out, a broken sound, and pushed down against the fingers that fucked in and out of him, twisting and turning to explore. It was tight, but there was plenty of natural lubrication and it wasn't going to get any better for waiting.

Harvey rested on his knees and said, “Mike. Mike! Look at me.”

Dazed, pale eyes focused blearily on him and Mike said, “What? Oh my God, Harvey, if you start listing rules I'm going to fucking kill you. Or have Donna do something really bad to you.”

Harvey grinned at that, loving that his Mike was still in there, under all the hormones. He was having trouble focusing himself, though, and said, “I won't have much control soon and I can tell, I'm going to knot you, Mike, now. If you can't handle it, tell me and I'll stop.”

Mike licked his lips and his legs dropped to the bed. He pushed onto his elbows and took a good look at Harvey's dick, hard and flush against his stomach. The knot was just a slightly swollen part at the base, but it would grow. Harvey had only knotted a couple of times in his life and regretted both times, each relationship devolving into bitter separations.

This time is different, he thought, Mike's different. This will work. Please, let this work.

Mike reached down and ran his hand over Harvey's shaft to the base, exploring curiously. Harvey growled at the contact, need and lust and extra-sensitive skin mingling into an almost overwhelming sensation. He held back from shoving Mike down and fucking him open, but it was a close call. He bit his lip bloody to keep control, focusing on the sharp pain until Mike said softly, “Take me, Harvey. I'm yours.”

Harvey snarled and then did push Mike down, hauling him in tight bodily and just barely restraining from a fast plunge into his body. He instead pushed in slow, agonizingly slow, and watched every play of emotion that ran over Mike's face. It was fascinating and beautiful, seeing the trust and need in Mike's wide, unseeing eyes as Harvey penetrated him.

“So tight,” Harvey groaned. “So fucking wet and tight, Mike. God.”

Mostly inside, Harvey ran into the secondary ring of muscle that signaled he was almost where he needed to be. Mike cried out again, a faint undertone of pain as Harvey went even deeper. Harvey growled again and thrust sharply, driving through the last couple of inches. Mike's fingernails dug into Harvey's shoulder blades and he bit Harvey's chest to muffle the pained noise that still escaped. The scrape of teeth and nails sent Harvey over the edge; he started fucking Mike in earnest with strong, even thrusts.

Mike wrapped his arms around Harvey's neck and held on as the fucking grew harder and faster. He panted and made little noises that sank deep into Harvey's brain as the sexiest god damn thing he'd ever heard.

Harvey's knot swelled, matching the hot ache of the rest of his cock. He battered at Mike's body with his hips, driving as deep as he could with every pass. He grabbed Mike's legs again and pushed them up, bending him over almost double to get a better angle. He rabbitted into Mike, knot catching on the rim of his hole repeatedly until the world exploded and Harvey mounted him hard, shoving in deep as he came.

Mike shouted and shuddered violently, his heels kicking against Harvey's shoulders as he came seconds later. He splattered over them both, but Harvey was too involved in getting his seed into his mate to notice. His arms shook from the strain of holding him up until they gave out and he fell onto Mike. A soft 'oof' greeted the action, but once Mike's legs were out of the way, his arms rested over Harvey's back.

They were well and truly locked together. Harvey felt bigger at the base than he'd ever been before and had no idea how long they would be that way. He came again and moaned in pleasured torment, his dick already oversensitive.

Mike gasped and wriggled under him, his ass squeezing lightly around Harvey. “How, um, how often are you going to do that?”

Harvey huffed out a tired laugh and said, “You got me, rookie. I'm usually back to normal by now.”

Mike squeezed him and let out a long, slow sigh. “God, that was good.”

Kissing Mike's chest, Harvey murmured, “I'm glad.”

Mike combed his fingers through Harvey's hair and said, “Thanks.”

Harvey looked up and met his gaze with a faint smirk. “Don't thank me yet. We're not even close to being done.”

Mike grinned outright and said, “Maybe it's your heart we should be worried about, old man.”

Harvey's gaze narrowed and he thrust up, evoking a gasp from Mike. “We'll just see about that, little boy.”

* * * *

The fever in his blood went in cycles, but they were cycles Harvey seemed irritatingly in-tune with, pushing him down on whatever surface was most convenient when the heat rose. Mike didn't even have to squirm or moan the last two times it happened; Harvey just knew.

Almost three days had passed while they were involved with biology's demands. In the end, lying in bed together, Mike kissed Harvey's chest and trailed fingers over his ribs. The hormones had retreated, leaving him completely clear-headed for the first time in five days.

“Stop that.”

Mike lifted his gaze to Harvey's to find amusement staring back from brown eyes. “Stop what?”

“Inventing problems where they don't exist,” Harvey answered firmly. “You're mine now, Mike, even more than you already were. I told you before that I'm not letting you go.”

“Yeah, but...”

“No. You're mine, little boy, get used to it.”

Mike shivered at both the dark tone and new pet name that Harvey used way too often. He was sure that the first time Harvey used it at the office, he would die of embarrassment and yet couldn't help loving it at the same time. “What if, um, what if I'm pregnant?”

Harvey smiled at him and the years just seemed to fall away. “Then I'll be a very happy and lucky man. And terrified if the kid has your brain power. What am I saying, 'if?'”

Mike grinned, relaxing back against his mate. His life would change drastically regardless of whether or not he was pregnant; an omega lawyer at Pearson Hardman would be a first, but he knew that both Jessica and Harvey would back him. They'd already done so knowing his darkest secret of not even having a law degree. Harvey started laughing, shaking under him until Mike poked him and said, “Give.”

Harvey cleared his throat and said, “Just picturing Louis' face when he finds out that you'll be higher up on the food chain than him, even though you're only an associate.”

Mike blinked in surprise and then grinned. “That's right. I'm your mate and you're his superior. That's so going to kick ass.”

Harvey rolled them so that he was on top and then dipped in for a slow, hungry kiss. “My mate. I like the sound of that from you.”

Mike hooked a leg up over Harvey's hip and practically purred as he said, “My mate. Think you've got another round in you, old man?”

Harvey smirked. “And then some, little boy.”

Mike laughed and Harvey caught the sound in a kiss.