Author's Note: It's that time of year again! The Christmas Countdown! I didn't quite make all 25 days, but I tried. :o) All different fandoms and pairings, not all necessarily to do with the holidays, but all involving shmoop of some sort. Individual warnings apply. Listed in alpha order, not necessary the order in which they first appeared. Ratings run from G to NC18 so pay attention to the individual warnings!

Day 1 - Avengers: Slowing Down: Steve takes Tony Christmas tree shopping. G
Day 2 - CSI: Family Nick's parents come for a visit for the first time since finding out about Gil and Nick's relationship. R daddy!fic
Day 3 - CSI-R - Party Prep: Warrick forgets something important during the busy season. R slave!fic, shmoop
Day 4 - The Dark Knight Rises - Best. Christmas. Ever.: Blake has the best Christmas ever. PG13
Day 5 - The Dark Knight Rises - Worst. Christmas. Ever.: Blake has the worst Christmas ever. (flipside to Best. Christmas. Ever.) R - violence
Day 6 - The Eagle:Holy Days: Marcus wants to properly celebrate the Holy Days. NC18
Day 7 - Hawaii 5-O: New Addition Steve and the gang visit Danny in the hospital. PG13 mpreg
Day 8 - Merlin: Dollophead Arthur gives Merlin a special gift. Merlin responds appropriately. PG13
Day 9 - NCIS/NCISLA - Wolfpack: Untitled: Gibbs and Callen bond over the happiness of their mates and their lives. PG13 3some
Day 10 - Rizolli & Isles: The Evolution of Family Maura observes the evolution of family. PG13 shmoop
Day 11 - Sherlock (BBC) - Courtesan - The Gift of Self: Sherlock gives John the only logical gift possible. PG13 shmoop
Day 12 - Sherlock (BBC) Romanology: Vital: John's proper place in Sherlock's life is questioned and disrupted. R slave!fic, standard Romanology warnings apply
Day 13 - Supernatural - Agape, Eros, Philia, Storge: Cas finally learns to ask the right question. PG13
Day 14 - The Don Strachey Mysteries: Untitled Someone takes Tim and Don takes him back. R violence, bloodshed
Day 15 - Suits: Incentive: Harvey gives Mike the right incentive to make partner in two years. PG13
Day 16 - Law & Order: SVU - Hope Liv feels something she hasn't in a long time. PG13 angst, shmoop
Day 17 - The Sentinel: Easy to Buy For Blair knows just how easy Jim is to shop for. PG13 shmoop
Day 18 - XMen: First Class - First Christmas: The first happy Christmas at Xavier Manor with the new class of mutants. NC18 shmoop, minor angst