Steve hummed lightly to the Christmas carols coming out of the radio as he drove to the beach. He loved this station because it played carols until January second, much to Danno's disgust. The presents they hadn't been able to unwrap were still safely wrapped and in the trunk. The food was ready and waiting in a cooler, next to the presents. Chin and Kono were going to meet him at the hospital. Gracie was already there and Rachel had, not very graciously, agreed that she could spend the remainder of the weekend with them.

Everything for Danno's Christmas was ready to be implemented. The joy fizzing through Steve had been pretty much nonstop for the last three days since Danny had come through surgery without any further complications. He'd been so scared that there would be more problems and Danny wouldn't make it through, but he had. And now they were going to have Christmas right there in the hospital, since he wasn't getting discharged for another couple of days.

Steve parked the car and had just pulled out the large bag of presents when Chin called his name. He looked over to find the other man jogging over to him and grinned broadly. “Been in, yet?”

Chin grinned right back and shook his head. “None of us dared without you there to deflect the tsunami of grumpiness.”

Laughing softly, Steve said, “Great. A human shield. My life's ambition is complete. Come on, make yourself useful and take the food.”

Between them, they got the contraband in with very little fuss. Kono, Gracie, and Kamekona joined them in the lobby and they went up together. Outside Danny's room, Steve said, “Okay. Give me five minutes and then pull the fire alarm if you don't hear anything.”

“You're a braver man than I, brah,” Kamekona intoned seriously.

Steve exchanged the presents for the cooler and walked into the room. He peeked in first and found Danny asleep on the hospital bed. He breathed a silent sigh of relief at the return of his lover's color; Danny had lost so much blood before being rushed into surgery that he'd looked whiter than the sheets he now rested on. He walked over to the bed, putting the cooler on the floor and sitting on the edge of the mattress.

Danny woke instantly, but groggy from the haze in his eyes. He yawned and rubbed at his eyes, mumbling, “Hey, babe. Everything okay?”

Steve looked over at the bassinet where Jack lay sleeping. He had Danny's thick patch of wild, dark blond hair and time would tell if his nose stayed mostly Steve's and how tall he might grow. He smiled broadly at Danny. “Everything's perfect.”

Danny rolled his eyes and said, “Kiss me, you idiot.”

Steve chuckled and did so, keeping the kiss gentle, but firm. He wanted so much more but Danny's body had had a rough time through the whole pregnancy and he'd almost lost Danny altogether when the birth had gone so horribly wrong. For four long hours, Steve had had to face the very real possibility of losing his husband and son. He didn't remember much of that time, thank God.

“You know, when I get home, this treating me like glass crap isn't going to fly, right?”

Steve smiled at the grumpy words and said, “I know, Danno. Hey, the other are waiting to come in. You up for visitors?”

Danny nodded and said, “Gimme Jack first.”

Steve walked over to the bassinet and rolled it to the bed before oh-so-cautiously picking up the three day old baby. He was still scared stiff of either holding him wrong or dropping him, maybe both, despite the classes they'd taken. He transferred Jack over to Danny, who expertly settled him in the crook of his arm.

“All right, guys, come on in,” Steve called out.

The door opened to let in their family and Steve watched with happiness and relief as everyone cooed over Jack and congratulated Danny a second or third time. This was what Steve had always wanted; a family that was there for each other through everything. Their lives had definitely changed when Danny got pregnant, and would continue to change as Jack grew up, but neither of them would change it for the world.