Elizabeth had decided to observe the Earth New Year’s holiday, since it was secular in nature and something the multi-national coalition could all celebrate together. There’d been enough losses during the year that John understood the need for a morale booster. It was time to regroup and pull themselves together, get ready for a year of unknown hostilities that were sure to hit them.

None of that explained why he found himself flat on his back with Ronon’s dick up his ass. He groaned on a particularly hard thrust, hands twisting in the bedspread, pleasure drawing his body tight yet again.

They’d been going at it for over an hour, as if someone had spiked their drinks with Viagra. All through the countdown to the New Year, John had been restless and focused on Ronon. He’d made nice through most of the party, toasting with Elizabeth and Teyla, joking with plenty of the military guys, and explaining the tradition to the non-Earth personnel. Through it all, though, he’d always known where Ronon was, those dark eyes locked on him whenever he’d glanced over at the man.

As soon as Elizabeth declared the New Year’s, which was really two in the morning at Atlantis time, and people started sharing kisses, something had snapped inside him. John had met Ronon’s gaze and then strode for the nearest exit. The big man had fallen into step behind him, footfalls loud in the otherwise quiet corridor as they’d gotten further and further from the festivities.

They’d barely made it to John’s quarters, Ronon dropping to his knees and sucking John off as though his life had depended on it. Once he’d been able to think properly, John had returned the favor a lot more clumsily, having never acted on his occasional attractions to other men. He’d always been of a mind that he couldn’t miss what he’d never had, but he had to have Ronon right then and there and be damned to the consequences.

A shower had been next. Nominally to clean up, it had found him fucking Ronon against the tiles, both of them wet and slick with water and cleaning gel. It had felt more incredible than anything and John hadn’t been able to stop himself from biting Ronon’s shoulder as he’d come, breaking the skin and drawing a shout of release from Ronon as the other man also came, splattering over John’s hand and the shower stall.

It had been during the drying off time that Ronon had unexpectedly jumped him, pinning him to the wall and kissing him brainless. John normally considered himself an excellent kisser, but he’d been unable to do anything but moan and open further to the devouring. And then Ronon had simply picked him up, presumably so as not to break the kiss, and carried him to the bed. John had wrapped his legs around Ronon’s waist to help, arms around those broad shoulders, and when they’d landed on the bed, John had been in the perfect position for Ronon’s cock to push inside him.

John had screamed outright at that, his ass completely unprepared and pain savaging through him at the penetration. Ronon had held him down, fucking him through the pain even as John had fought against him. Fought until something inside had turned him into a shuddering wreck of need, the too-big dick reaming him hard and deliberate and John’s body not only accepted it, but needed it.

Which brought him back to the present with his legs over Ronon’s shoulders, arching and moaning in an almost shamed need that he’d never felt before in his life. One more thrust over that spot inside and John came, pain mixing with the scant come that escaped as he grayed out from the overload. When he’d somewhat regained his senses, Ronon was right there, wrapped around him with arms around his waist and his mouth biting through the flesh of the curve of John’s throat. He jerked in pain, but couldn’t move as Ronon hunched into him, coming deep in his body, sealed to him at all points.

John didn’t even have the strength to move anymore. Ronon had apparently fucked it out of him. He just lay there, stunned as the big man collapsed on top of him, breath loud and harsh in John’s ear, shoulder stinging but not hurting nearly as much as his ass did. And Ronon’s dick didn’t get smaller, like it should have, instead staying exactly where it was, lodged there like some damned battering ram.

After several minutes of near-oblivion where John drifted towards sleep, Ronon hummed deep in his chest and kissed john’s throat, licking the bite mark. The renewed stinging was what brought John out of his stupor and he groaned in protest. “You’ve got to be shitting me. Again?”

“What, not good?” Ronon asked against his ear.

John shivered as the other man sucked on the tender skin just below and forced himself to gasp, “Too good. Ronon, I’ve never done this with a guy before, so you’ve got to give me some recovery time here.”

Ronon paused, pushing onto his palms and looking down at John. “Never?”

Flushing under that intent gaze, John answered defensively, “Not encouraged in our military, remember? Rodney gave you the big lecture when you first got here.”

Ronon rolled his eyes and went back to mauling John’s throat, this time with gentle, sucking kisses as he said, “You feel so good, Sheppard. Can’t get enough of you. Your skin. Your come. I want it all again.”

John opened his mouth to protest for real, his ass was in no way up for another round, but Ronon took it in a strong, sucking kiss, thrusting his tongue in. John was lost in pure sensation, need coursing through him as if he hadn’t just be fucked stupid. It was a serious effort to draw back, but he did and declared, “Enough, Ronon. Stop it.”

Ronon ignored him, nibbling on that treacherous spot again and saying, “It’s good. You want it, Sheppard.”

John pushed at the bigger man’s chest and ordered firmly, “Get off me, Ronon. Now.”

But Ronon didn’t budge and, just like before, John had no leverage to move him. Ronon pushed up again, but only enough to plant his knees so he could rock in and out of John in an almost gentle fucking movement. The movement was aided this time by the come already inside him, and probably blood since John knew he had to’ve been torn by Ronon’s lack of prep, but it still hurt like hell.

“You want this Sheppard, I can feel it,” Ronon growled, nuzzling at his throat. “I can smell it. Fuck, you smell so good, so rich and lush and…”

Shaking his head even as his body weakened with pleasure, John denied hotly, “I want you to stop, God damn it!”

Ronon thrust in hard just then, sending a spike of pure arousal through John that caused him to howl in reaction. He yanked on Ronon’s hair, which caused Ronon to growl and fuck him harder. Giving himself up as a weak, lust-addled idiot, John moaned and let go of the need to stay in control, even on his back with another man fucking him.

“Oh fuck, yeah, that’s it,” Ronon groaned, shifting them to pull John’s legs over his shoulder again.

The change in position automatically tightened his hole around Ronon’s cock which spiked more pain through John, but he just groaned helplessly as the pain mixed too readily with pleasure. There was something different this time, John could feel it in the way Ronon lunged into him almost desperately, as if he had to get as deep inside John as possible. His own dick finally began to respond, sluggishly getting harder as sensation washed over him from the steady fucking and the continued nailing of his prostate.

And then he howled again, but in excruciating pain as something below Ronon’s cock unexpectedly forced its way into his body, big and unyielding and stretching him in ways that he knew he shouldn’t be. John came explosively as Ronon pinned him down and went still, whatever that thing was, buried in him, John’s body reluctantly accepting it and sealing their bodies together. He only vaguely felt Ronon coming, the wetness easing some of the heat inside him, the world very, very far away.

When John could think again, who knew how much longer later, he lay draped over Ronon’s chest, the other man’s arms holding tight around his waist. He moved, but the bigger man held him motionless as Ronon warned, “Don’t move yet, it’s not time.”

Since John could still feel Ronon’s dick and that…thing…in his ass, John remained where he was and demanded, “What the fuck just happened, Ronon?”

Sounding embarrassed, Ronon explained, “We’re tied together. We mated. I’m sorry, Sheppard, I didn’t even know that was what was happening. I was just…and you smelled so fucking good, and felt so…sorry. Distract me, or I’m just going to go again.”

John viciously pinched Ronon’s side and grinned fiercely at the hiss of pain. “How’s that for distracting? What the fuck, Ronon? Tied together? Like, like dogs?”

Ronon sighed and nodded as he said, “It doesn’t happen often with my people, usually only when there aren’t any women. If there’s a compatible species…”

“Wait a second,” John interrupted, horrified. “Tell me you aren’t knocking me up right now!”

Ronon turned his head, meeting his gaze for the first time, puzzled. “Knocking you up?”

“Getting me pregnant!” John shouted.

Ronon’s grip tightened, as if knowing John was about to pull free regardless of the consequences. “I don’t know. We’re towards the end of the cycle, yes, but whether the child takes root in you, I just don’t know.”

John pinched him again, furious, and snarled, “You are in so much trouble right now, Mister, you don’t even fucking know! As soon as I can, I’m going to kick your ass!”

Ronon sighed, but didn’t argue.

There was no choice but to lie there until whatever Ronon’s body was doing, finished. There was no way in hell John was going to call Beckett to disengage them. So he had to lie there, cradled in Ronon’s arms, and remember how good the sex had been despite the pain. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d come so hard that he’d gone fuzzy around the edges. And it wasn’t like he hadn’t gotten a turn, either, what with fucking Ronon in the bathroom and getting his dick sucked first off.

By the time Ronon’s whatever-it-was finally shrank enough to drop out of John’s body on its own, he’d mellowed from ‘kill-kill-kill’ to ‘injure, injure, injure,’ which could get taken care of on the sparring matt under Teyla’s watchful gaze.

“Okay. You can pull off now,” Ronon announced.

John sat up and groaned in real pain, his entire lower body one mass of throbbing, strained and abused muscles. It was only because Ronon rolled them carefully and then withdrew that John found himself without a dick in his ass. He didn’t have the strength to do it himself, which was stupid since he’d been able to move shot, stabbed, and beaten half to death before.

“I’m getting Beckett.”

John grabbed Ronon’s arm and squeezed, hard enough to elicit a wince. “Do it quietly. If anyone else gets wind of this, my career is over.”

Nodding soberly, Ronon hesitated and then kissed him before leaving the bed to get dressed and then leave the room.

Of course, John already knew that his career was over anyhow. Maybe it was the fact that he was ‘gifted’ by an excess of Ancient genes, but now that there was nothing to distract him but the pain, he could feel something different happening deep inside.

John sighed in a combination of aggravation and reluctant protectiveness. Putting an arm over his face and resting a hand on his stomach, he muttered to the baby he knew was growing inside, “Happy New Year, kid. It’s gonna be a long, strange trip.”